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Printful: On-demand Printing And Warehousing Services (2022)



Nowadays, a high-technology contemporary opens a new world for start-up businesses.

Most trade on many e-commerce platforms with a new line of products and sell them under their brand.

That’s the reason for the appearance of many print-on-demand and dropshipping companies.

Then, if you are searching for a trustworthy printing company but still wondering as there are lots of options, this post is definitely for you.

We will highly recommend you Printful which is known as 1 of the top 10 best print-on-demand companies in 2022.

To get a deeper insight into Printful company and make your own decision, we will go through the necessary information. 

About Printful

Printful is an on-demand printing and dropshipping company.

It is founded in 2013 by two founders – Davis Siksnans and Lauris Liberts.

Their primary goal is to combine information technology with e-commerce in printing customers’ orders and fulfilling their products. 

Printful supplies you with print on demand, warehousing, and dropshipping services.

Printful has grown rapidly over years. Now it provides customers with first-rate services and broadens its branches in several countries.

Printful’s target audience

Printful is for:

Printful’s services

Print on demand

The outstanding and mostly-used service on Printful is on-demand printing.

Print on demand is a service that a printing company will receive and fulfill your orders based on the design pattern you made.

People choose Printful since they create good products which ultimately satisfy their needs.

For example, selling in online stores and giving promotional products that raise customers’ awareness.

Or else, they play a role as an intermediary for some freelance designers, photographers, and videographers to sell their initiatives.

Meanwhile, at the beginning phase of operating their business, Printful’s first products mainly are posters, canvas, and T-shirts.

You can easily create your designs on mugs.


Gradually, qualified products and excellent experiences of customers help Printful develop and vary more lines of products from clothing, bags, engraved jewelry, phone cases, etc.

Log in to the Printful website and you will see what you need: 

The product you need is right here.

Each item will be displayed with comprehensive descriptions of materials, color palettes, and customization options for you to choose from.

These data help you to easily picture your wished products in mind and figure out the precise rate of your design on actual ones.

From now on, whenever Printful takes your order, they will commence the manufacture using high-quality printing ink and state-of-the-art equipment.

Eventually, printed items will go through an automated checking machine to detect any inaccuracy.

After that, the company will send you a testing sample before shipping the output.

Warehousing & Dropshipping

For those who don’t have many spaces to store goods or don’t want to handle the inventory process, the warehousing service from Printful is an ideal solution for them.

To commence with, warehousing is the process of storing physical items before they are packed and delivered to buyers. 

Printful stores your items before they are sold, packed, and delivered to buyers.

At first, you should let Printul know the products you would like to store in their inventory.

After giving you a nod of approval, your selling products will be collected and stocked in stories safely and securely.

Now, before you start vending, you need to synchronize your online store on the e-commerce platforms with Printful to have the booking automatically directed to their system.

The service staff will pack and ship them to your customers under your brand and logo.

The dropshipping division guarantees that more than 50 percent of orders are fulfilled and delivered within 3 business days.

Printful offers you a reasonable price and discounts with favorable conditions.

They only charge you after the success of your orders and have multiple payment methods.


Custom packaging

Not only do you design your print-on-demand products, but you can also wrap them in a unique and characterized package.

Custom packaging will put a stronger emphasis on your brand identity.

It’s the first sight customers have of your products and creates a gripping experience of unboxing for them.

Custom packaging creates a gripping experience of unboxing for customers.

Branded pack-ins

Printful suggests you some imaginative ideas to improve customers’ experiences and encourage further booking. 

They support you in designing postcards, coupons, and hand-written thank you cards in appropriate colors and design patterns.

Coupons are designed on Printful.


Besides custom designs, Printful helps you to attract customers’ attention, protect your brand monopoly, and raise your brand awareness against other competitors by inserting inside and outside labels. 

For example, if you trade a custom T-shirt, you will easily find your brand name and logo printed on the collar.

You will easily find your brand name and logo printed on the collar.

Creative services

Some have exciting initiatives but lack the skill to turn those ideas into practice.

Don’t worry as Printful has available creative services like graphic design services and photography services to make your pattern more eye-catching and harmonized in layout.

You won’t have to lift a finger to get everything done and ready for trading.

They have available creative services.

Subscription plans

If you register Printful’s pro account, you will get more advantages compared to others.

They apply exclusive tools to optimize your marketing strategy by:

Free design assets and car servicesare also included in the premium pack so that you can diminish your cost but still get beautiful images.

Store setup services

Web developers can help you build your store.

As mentioned above, before using Printful as a supplier to fulfill your orders, you have to have an online store and connect it to their system.

Still, if you don’t have much time for these technical details, you can purchase the store setup service and let them do the rest of the things.

The company can help you build your store and handle the complex stuff.

Besides, they will polish your stores to grab customers’ attention and hold them stay in longer by setup themes and branding to make your website elevate to the upper level.

Final thoughts

Printful – a print-on-demand company that provides customers with all efficacious services.

Not only will you receive qualified on-demand printing but you also this way improve the brand cognition and general outlook.

If you want to jump into the print-on-demand business on e-commerce platforms, Printful will propose to you the top-notch services and helpful instructions.

To get more information on their product and service quality, you can read more on their website here.

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