Transcy V4.26: Transcy’s Metric Reveals Profitable Languages in Your Store

Haas Vi Ng Jan 09, 2023 1559 views
Transcy V4.26: Transcy’s Metric Reveals Profitable Languages in Your Store

Global customers bring global insights. We are delighted to announce the official release of Transcy’s Metric. This feature will reveal the languages most frequently used by your customers, the languages that make the most revenue, and potential languages you may be overlooking.

Gain the information you need to grow

Most orders & Total pageviews by language

Transcy keeps track of how many page views and orders are made by each added advanced language. It helps to identify which languages are the most acceptable to customers and generate the most revenue. Then you can use these pieces of information to act and improve. For example,

  • High pageviews but low orders indicate that customers are interested in your store but are hesitant to buy. A poor shopping experience or a lack of perceived value can cause shoppers to leave your site.

All you need to do is optimize your store—from page load time and content to customer reviews—to enhance the shopping experience for your customers. See our solutions.

  • Languages have low pageviews; either improve your marketing efforts or conduct market research to find new potential languages to replace inefficient languages. 

Fortunately, Transcy also compiles statistics that show you untapped markets by language but brought in most orders recently. Keep scrolling.

Potential markets

Transcy’s list of potential language-based markets comes with reasons like pageviews, completed orders, and market trends, so you can confidently add those languages to the advanced list.

Getting personalized recommendations can help you increase visitors and soar in sales.

Turn insights into a winning multilingual store

Understand your localization performance through metrics – all in one place.


3 Easy steps to improve your multilingual store with Metric

#1: Review pageviews and orders based on language to identify your store’s most popular language.

#2: Get personalized recommendations on potential and performing languages.

#3: Optimize your multi-language store based on actionable insights. Continue to check your data.

Also, you can use customer insights to drive your marketing efforts.

Transcy’s Metric is available on all plans: Basic, Growth, and Premium. Upgrade your plan to gain actionable insights and smash sales goals.

Transcy is committed to providing you with the most valuable metrics. So, localization performance metrics will not be available if your store does not have a certain number of visitors and customers. Once more customers visit your store and make purchases, these metrics will be visible.

If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to support via live chat or email

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