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Swift V3.5.1: New Format To Optimize Images Without Losing Quality

WebP image format

Welcome back to Swift’s visual world, where outstanding image optimization features have always been available to boost page performance while keeping the quality of your store’s images. Today, we are thrilled to introduce the new image format, WebP, for the Image Optimization feature.

The new WebP image format provides superior lossless compression for web images. The images in your store will be smaller thanks to WebP, helping the website run faster.

What is the WebP image format?

WebP is a modern image compression standard that includes both lossy and lossless techniques to shrink file sizes without compromising image quality.

The size of lossless WebP images is 26% smaller than that of PNG images. Lossy WebP images are between 25 and 34% smaller than similar JPEG images with the same SSIM (structural similarity index measure) quality index.

Reasons why WebP is ideal for your website:

Compress images to WebP with Swift

First steps:

Make Your Store Load Faster With WebP Images

Reduce PNG and JPEG image sizes by up to 90%. Get 1,000 free images.

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Next steps:

Another benefit of using Swift is that it allows you to restore images to their original state within 30 days.

Well, you can now explore how your web images will look in WebP format. Happy optimizing!

If you run into trouble during setup, don’t hesitate to contact us via live chat or email us at

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