Customize Profit Analytics Dashboard & New Metrics!

💡 In TrueProfit V50, you can add any metrics you want to view on your Profit Analytics dashboard instead of 5 fixed ones (Orders, Revenue, Total Cost, Net Profit, Net Margin) as previously.

💡 We’ve also brought you 8 new metrics to help you gain deeper & better insight into your business performance:

  • Purchase Frequency
  • New Customers Per Order
  • Avg. Order Cost
  • NcROAS
  • Total Customers
  • New Customers
  • CAC
  • Repurchase Rate

Please visit TrueProfit’s metric explanation to understand these eight new metrics better.

💡 Plus, you can now calculate custom spends by % Revenue of tagged orders. For instance, you pay a KOL a commission rate = 5% of revenue. Then your KOL cost would be calculated as 5% of revenue from orders tagged ‘KOL’ or what you name it!

Please find here more information on how to set up custom spends by order tag.