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10 Best Shopify Translation Apps to Scale Up Your Business (2023)

10 Best Shopify Translation Apps to Scale Up Your Business - OneCommerce

10 Best Shopify Translation Apps to Scale Up Your Business - OneCommerce

E-commerce businesses need to overcome language barriers, add value, and make the purchasing process a piece of cake for new customers when scaling up their businesses across the globe.

Luckily, many translation apps have come in at the right time to help bring online businesses across borders to international customers. These apps allow them to translate their Shopify store content into different languages to satisfy a diversity of audiences.

Based on the app store rating, the number of reviews, and their key features, we have compiled a list of the best language translation apps. If you are in search of the best Shopify translation app for your store, keep scrolling!

What is a Shopify Translation App?

Within minutes, a Shopify translator can help turn your Shopify stores into several languages. This implies that you can market your goods or services to any place around the world. As a result, your business expands beyond your wildest dreams.

In general, if you want to offer several languages in your store, you will need to download and run a Shopify language translation app.

Why do you need the best language translator app for your Shopify?

A Shopify translation app can be a strong instrument that helps your business to thrive in the more and more competitive eCommerce world. Finding the right Shopify translation app will benefit you in many ways, such as:

Accelerating the growth of your online business

With such apps, you can access new markets in different countries and increase your market share whether you’re selling to customers abroad or to domestic customers who speak different languages.

Building brand loyalty

Customers are more inclined to purchase from a store that provides information in their language as they have a better understanding of what they want.

Raise customer engagement

This is a crucial element of successful lead generation and marketing with the help of a Shopify translation app. Specifically, you can communicate with your clients from anywhere at any time.

With such advantages, you can’t let this opportunity slip away, choosing the best Shopify translation app for your online store is crucial. Fortunately, we’ve sorted out a list of the best ones to help you save time and effort. 

Top 10 translation apps for Shopify [2023 Updated List]

Multilingual Shopify apps are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They all provide you with a powerful translation tool and extra useful features. For your convenience, we have made a list of the 10 outstanding apps for translation Shopify owners need.

1. Transcy: AI-Language Translate

Shopify Rating: 4.9 

User reviews: Transcy has earned over 4000 favorable reviews, which is outstanding. As of this writing, it has the most reviews of any free Shopify translation app.

Transcy is the finest Shopify translation app, according to the majority of its users

For all sizes of businesses wishing to overcome cultural barriers and implement cross-border selling, Transcy is the finest Shopify translation app, according to the majority of its users.

Transcy, founded in May 2020, is well-known among Shopify users. Its simplicity of use and the professional support offered have impressed users.

The speed of translation is considerably fast. Additionally, it can convert currencies to draw in more international customers.

Featured highlights:


Transcy from OneCommerce offers a free plan with a 14-day free trial available for individuals who prefer to explore it before making a purchase. This allows you plenty of opportunity to evaluate all of Transcy’s features. 

Of course, there are many more sophisticated features included in the subscription plans than there are in the FREE ones. You can choose among 3 options: BASIC ($9.90/month), GROWTH ($19.90/month), and PREMIUM ($39.90/month).

Turn your Shopify store into a multilingual one

Eliminate all the language barriers and start selling to more customers! Translate your store

2. T Lab ‑ AI-Language Translate

Shopify Rating: 4.9 

User review: The app receives 844 reviews, most of which are positive comments. People praise the customer support and the correctness of the translation up to 99.9%.

Translation Lab AI Translate combines a digital aesthetic with technical, Shopify-specific expertise and Shopify’s new multi-language functionality

Sherpas Design’s Translation Lab AI Translate combines a digital aesthetic with technical, Shopify-specific expertise and Shopify’s new multi-language functionality to produce a seamless experience. The experts at Translation Lab specialize in creating accessible and scalable translation experiences that are specifically suited to businesses of all sizes.

Featured highlights:


This app is free to install with limited features. So, if you want more, you can decide to upgrade to paid plans, including the PRO option ($9.99/month), the BUSINESS option ($19.99/month), and the PREMIUM option ($29.99/month). There is also an extra AI cost in the 2 most expensive plans starting at 0.033¢/word.

3. G | Translate Shop Translator

Shopify Rating: 4.7

User review: As of the time of writing, G | Translate has 1803 user reviews on the Shopify App Store. While people are amazed by its helpful features, there are people who have not been satisfied with a lack of prompt assistance with their problems.

G | translate has been a significant provider of language translation services since 2007

G | translate has been a significant provider of language translation services since 2007. Your Shopify store can be translated into 103 different languages and displayed in order to remove language barriers and reach international markets.

Unlike other apps, G | translate will automatically translate most 3rd party apps. Additionally, it uses its translation proxy technology to translate the widgets on your shop.

You will also have access to a dashboard where you can track your translation traffic and manually change each of your automatic translations.

In particular, the app will handle URL translation and add a subdomain for each language that is utilized. Users or store owners can modify the translation themselves to fit their needs. There is also the option of checkout page translation and additional benefits.

You will need the assistance of the G | translate team or some coding knowledge if you want to customize your language switcher in a more sophisticated way.

Featured highlights:


A free plan is available but with limited capabilities. You can also take on the 15-day free trial before purchasing one of its paid plans which starts at $9.99/month. There are additional benefits that you can take advantage of after making the payment.

4. Weglot

Weglot is a French SaaS start-up that assists businesses in making their websites bilingual

Weglot is a French SaaS start-up that assists businesses in making their websites bilingual. Founded in 2016, it provides quick, easy, and user-friendly ways to translate your Shopify store and is hailed as the top-rated multilingual plugin in the WordPress directory.

More than 100 languages are supported by Weglot’s translation services. You can translate and automatically display your store in only 5 minutes as it is a translation solution that prioritizes speed.

All of your Shopify content, including what you’ve developed using any other Shopify translation app, can be customized and managed by Weglot. Another benefit of this app is that it allows for the translation of the checkout page and email notifications in over 100 different languages.

Additionally, they employ both machine and human translation to ensure that the translated version’s meaning doesn’t diverge much from the original.

Last but not least, you can modify the language switcher button’s display to suit your theme or style.

Featured highlights:


Weglot is free to download. Yet, not all features are offered in the free version, so you need to pay a fee, starting from $9.90/month (or $8.25/month billed at $99 once per year) to get more advanced features.

5. Langify

Langify has been considered to be an effective translation solution

German cloud-based localization platform provider Langify was established in 2014 and is based in Herford. Without writing a single line of code, it enables eCommerce businesses to translate their Shopify stores into a wide range of languages.

As Langify’s developers are dedicated to providing a native Shopify translation experience, they scramble to modify their app to take advantage of any new or modified Shopify capabilities. Therefore, the app is perfect for business owners that frequently upgrade their stores to take advantage of Shopify’s newest features.

You can create a personalized language switcher that enables your clients to instantly switch to their favorite language. The app allows users to translate the Shopify checkout, email, and SMS notifications, as well as create and change auto-translations.

Additionally, it lets you import and export translation data for your store page for backup purposes or untranslated content for professional translation.

Featured highlights:


You will need to search elsewhere if you’re looking for a free Shopify translation app. Langify has a monthly fee of $17.50, with some features requiring an extra fee. While Langify is not a free tool, it does provide a 7-day free trial so you can decide whether you think it’s worth the money.

6. ET Language Translate‑Currency

ETranslate, an all-in-one translation solution for Shopify stores, is offered by UpperCommerce, a company committed to providing top-notch services for all Shopify enterprises

ETranslate, an all-in-one translation solution for Shopify stores, is offered by UpperCommerce, a company committed to providing top-notch services for all Shopify enterprises.

Without any additional coding experience, this Shopify translation app makes it simple to put up a bilingual store in a matter of minutes. It enables quick translation of your store without delaying page load time.

Since ETranslate uses the Google NMT application programming interface (API), you have access to all of the linguistic expertise of one of the pioneers in the language industry. You can also do the translation manually if you want.

Featured highlights:


You can use the app for free if you’re on a limited budget. Additionally, there is a seven-day free trial period so you may try it out. If you want advanced features, you can choose one of its 2 paid plans, including the BASIC plan ($8.99/month) and the GROWTH plan ($16.89/month).

7. AI-Language Translate LangShop

One of the best and simplest to set up Shopify translation apps is LangShop

One of the best and simplest to set up Shopify multilingual translation apps is LangShop as it makes the process of translating and localizing Shopify stores simpler.

The availability of 241 languages and dialects as well as 80 different currencies allows eCommerce businesses to grow their storefronts to every part of the globe.

All of your content, including checkout, emails, notifications, static and dynamic text, content from third-party apps, etc., can be translated with LangShop. You only need to specify the translation’s target languages, select the categories you wish to be multilingual, and start the translation.

Additionally, it offers options for various translations, including automatic, manual, professional, and agency translations.

Featured highlights:


If you have a tight budget, the LangShop free plan is a good choice for you. Additionally, the app offers a 14-day trial so you can test the app. There are 3 options for paid plans once you are ready to commit to the app, including BASIC ($10/month), STANDARD ($34/month), and ADVANCED ($68/month).

8. Multi Lingo

Multi Lingo theme localizer and translation tool was introduced in 2016

Daxanema’s Multi Lingo theme localizer and translation tool was introduced in 2016. The app makes it possible for eCommerce businesses to easily integrate with Shopify’s localization platform. To produce multilingual versions of menu items, goods, pages, and blog posts, Multi Lingo makes use of Shopify’s pre-existing theme translations. 

While a multilingual version of the selected theme is created and installed in your shop, the app keeps the original theme in place. Furthermore, switching between themes is really simple because translations are accessible across all Multi Lingo themes and do not need to be entered again.

You can use Multi Lingo to translate a variety of elements on your store page, such as products, menu items, the text on the homepage, the checkout page, notification emails, etc.

It should be noted that you must manually start the translation for each individual item because the application does not translate the full page automatically.

Featured highlights:


You have to pay $7.99 monthly to use the app and you can go for a 5-day free trial to test the waters before committing.

9. Bablic Translation

Bablic is a great Shopify translation app that can master the process of website translation for your store

With its simple and affordable translation management solution for Shopify stores of all sizes, Bablic can master the process of website translation for your store. It guarantees that your customers will no longer face a language barrier while attempting to access content on your store.

You can translate your store into several different languages with the help of Bablic Translation, which also provides comprehensive SEO support to increase traffic to your store. You can do the translation manually or use the free auto-translate feature.

Featured highlights:


Bablic costs $19 per month or $15.83/month which is billed at $190 once per year. It also has a 14-day free trial, so you can test it out before committing to the monthly cost.

10. Easy Language Translate

Easy Language Translate is brought to you by JoboApps

Easy Language Translate is brought to you by JoboApps and it requires no coding experience to use it. It facilitates your setup process with an easy-to-use interface.

This Shopify translation app can automatically change languages to fit the language of the visitor’s country. It supports nearly 100 translation languages with some useful and interesting features.

Featured highlights:


This Shopify translation app has a free trial for anyone who is reluctant to go fully committed to the app. You can experience its features and when you are satisfied with the app, you can opt for the PREMIUM plan which costs $5.49/month.

How to select the best Shopify translation app for your Shopify business?

There are a number of factors to take into consideration when it comes to which Shopify translation app is right for you. You usually get stuck between the cheap option with common features and the expensive one with useful things. In the end, you will find yourself with more problems than solutions. 

After looking through our selected apps, you can see that no two Shopify translation apps are completely the same. Thus, it is essential to pay attention to some distinct features to decide if one can benefit you more than the others.

We have carefully chosen the 6 most important factors to help you figure out the translation tool that can be more favorable to your Shopify store.

1. Multi-language support

The first step to take when you are looking for a translation app is to determine which languages are supported. Each app will promote itself as a tool capable of translating dozens of languages but none of them tell you exactly which languages.

Therefore, you need to go to its website and carefully check the supported language list to ensure the languages you need are available.

Any Shopify translation app often offers multi-language support, so you don’t have to worry about this issue too much. Moreover, they keep updating and adding new languages to cater to more customers in every corner of the world.

Overall, the app that has more supported languages is more likely to meet your needs, even at present or in the future.

2. Multilingual SEO

It is useless to translate your Shopify online store when it cannot appear in the search results of your new market. Hence, you should opt for a Shopify translation app that follows Google’s multilingual SEO guidelines.

You should opt for a Shopify translation app that follows Google’s multilingual SEO guidelines

Multilingual SEO means optimizing the content of your eCommerce store and website for multiple languages. This includes translated content on your Shopify store, translated meta titles, together with meta descriptions, allowing you to target a wider range of keywords.

Thanks to it, you can make your store content searchable all over the world and increase your chance of being ranked in SERPs for Google, as well as other search engines which are more popular in other countries.

3. Easy to Install and Use

If you are not a developer, you will definitely want a translation app that is quick to set up with no extra coding requirements and easy to use. The truth is no one, even us, wants to deal with coding or any complicated tasks when trying to translate a website. Thus, it is a must to find a tool that can make the setup process a breeze.

4. Budget-Friendly Price

Without a doubt, this is the most concerning issue for any merchant when choosing a translation app. Not all come with a free plan, and you usually have to pay more to have better features. Yet, it doesn’t mean the features included in the free plan are bad.

All you need to do is look at your business and ask yourself if they are enough for you. Perhaps, you don’t need those extensive features as you simply want to translate your store smoothly. But if you are not sure about going premium, we recommend choosing the translation app free plan because dropping out, in this case, will cost you nothing.

In general, you should always consider whether the Shopify translation app is reasonably priced by reflecting on your company’s needs and goals.

5. Design and Customization

In addition to the speed and accuracy of the translation, you will need to create an eye-catching translated page to impress customers all over the world. Your translated outputs need to show up in a beautiful form and order to make your site more professional and attractive.

For that reason, you should check how the plugin affects the design of your site and if the Shopify translation app lets you customize how your language switcher looks on the front end of your site. 

Furthermore, the higher level of customization the app offers, the better the design that is tailored to your needs.

6. Customer Service

Most apps make it easy for you to install and run them. However, you can still come across unexpected issues, so it is important to consider if the app you choose offers access to support guides or materials and premium customer service.

A good Shopify translation app should provide you with responsive customer support, together with regular updates and improvements to maintain the service and fix any technical problems as soon as possible.

The verdict: Which Shopify translation app is right for your business? 

More and more Shopify merchants are expanding their business globally. They have successfully brought down the language barriers with the help of the translation app for their Shopify store and now they have taken their business to new heights. 

If you want that too, you should find the best Shopify translation app for your store based on your business needs and goals. In case you are still in the middle of looking for the right one, you can look through our criteria to help you with your decision.

Just remember, you choose the Shopify translation app that fits your business the most, not the one with the most users. We wish you the best of luck!

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