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Beginner’s Guide To Shopify Thank You Page (2022)

Shopify Thank You Page

Shopify Thank You Page - Onecommerce

You walked out of a store with multiple bags in your hands, a staff send you off with an endearing voice that they wish to see you again in the future. Certainly, you will be full of joy and remind yourself to visit the store again when you have a chance. 

As a human, we always crave communication especially a sense of appreciation from others. Shopify Thank You Page’s purpose is to create a similar experience when customers shop online. It can make a great difference in your revenue if you know how to create a suitable Thank You Page.  

In this post, we will walk you through the definition, give out the reason why Shopify Thank You page is important for your business, and finally recommend some elements to make your Thank You Page work like a charm. 

What is Shopify Thank You Page?

Shopify Thank You Page Example

Shopify Thank You Page is a page that appears when customers finish their purchasing process. The page will give a thank you message which emphasizes the appreciation of the store owners and their customers. Customers can also get a summary of their order and keep track of their shipping status. 

Thank you page is used mostly in a transactional form which is used for showing gratitude towards customers after they complete their purchase. 

Now, Shopify merchants also utilize thank you page to thank customers after they turn into their marketing leads by signing up for the newsletter, downloading an ebook, or registering for a trial service. 

Why Shopify Thank You Page is important?

So it is important to have a decent thank you page? 

Absolutely, a professional thank you page is necessary to make customers return to your store next time by expanding their views about your brand, thereby increasing sales.

A thank you message is a powerful method to show they are appreciated after their purchase. It gives a sense that you care about customers’ feelings and want to give them a memorable shopping experience with your brand even after the transaction is complete. The customers, as result, feel valued and are likely to come back next time.  

Brands with well-performed products do not always make a great impression on customers. As brand success determinants depend primarily on how good customers think they are in providing their services and interacting with them.

Customers’ perception will certainly improve as they feel respected and appreciated by the store owners. They, then, become the major source of word of mount referrals that can boost sales effectively.     

When sending a thank you message to a customer, you can include a discount on products that are related to their purchase as a reference. Customers, then, have a chance to explore similar types of products that they might not see before. For example, a 50% discount on lipstick can be offered after customers are done purchasing a powder blush.  

There is no better occasion to ask customers to subscribe to your email newsletter where customers can receive the latest updates about their interesting products. The subscription can further advance customers from one-time buyers to repeated ones, thereby significantly increasing your annual sale.

We already know why Shopify Thank You Page matters so much, next, we will explore some tips to create suitable a Shopify Thank You Page.  

7 tips for a successful Shopify Thank You Page

In order to turn your ordinary Thank You Page into a powerful one that can satisfy all the above criteria, you need to keep some tips in mind. 

Tip 01: Make it personal

Make it personal

It is necessary for a thank you page to include order details, the confirmation of order completion, and shipping status. You can step up the thank you page to make it more personal by adding a sincere message for the customers. 

Tip 02: Offer incentives for the next purchase

Offer incentives for the next purchase

As I mention earlier, thank you page can be an inspiring way to introduce new products with a tag-along discount, something like 20-50% off for a range of products. 

Or you can invite them to join your loyalty program. Customers can build up their profile can receive enormous prizes by collecting points after every purchase they make. 

A well-structured customer loyalty program can help you retain customers and drive profit. 60% of internet users think earning rewards is one of the most important aspects of the online shopping experience.   

If you can leverage your Shopify thank you page, it will foster both short-term and long-term revenue for your business. 

Tip 03: Engage customers on social media

Engage customers on social media

When customers think they made a great choice by buying your products, they want to share the news with their friends and family. So it is necessary to include “share to social” buttons on the thank you page to encourage customers to perform such behavior especially when your products are inspirational or life-changing.

It is a cost-effective way to gain new customers by word of mouth tactic.    

Tip 04: Offer incentives for referrals

Offer incentives for referrals

It is clear that customers favor your products enough to make them pay money. This makes them a potential marketing source for your shop.

You can run a referral program that entices shoppers to invite friends to shop in your store in return receive a certain amount of discount. You get more sales customers to get more rewards. It is a win-win situation for both parties.  

Tip 05: Get real feedback from survey questions

Get real feedback from survey questions

Where can you get more reliable feedback other than from your customers who have completed the purchase process? By including some straight-to-the-point survey questions at the end, shoppers can directly leave valuable opinions without changing to other tabs which certainly increases the response rates. 

The questions should be short and relevant to customers’ shopping experience. A small reward should be offered when customers finish the survey. 

Tip 06: Give detailed tracking information

Give detailed tracking information

One of the biggest fear of online purchases is that customers can not locate their order once they bought it. The shipment can be delayed or lost during the delivery process which can waste customers’ time and money. 

To ensure customers’ trust in your business, the tracking information should be provided in detail. There are many apps that can help customers track their orders from your stores.  

Tip 07: Create Visual Trust Badges

Create Visual Trust Badges

Trust symbols are not simply for show but to encourage customers to take action. Some of the badges can be free shipping, money-back guarantees, and endorsements from third parties services. 

When customers see these badges, they are more assured and confident about their purchasing decision which reduces the chance of buyers’ refund. There is guidance provided by Shopify on how to include badges in your theme.     

Top Thank You Page Apps for Shopify

There are some awesome Shopify thank you page apps that can help you do all the work. All you need to do is to install the app, drag in the utilities you need, and boom, everything is done. I will recommend the top 3 apps which have the highest reviews from Shopify users  

#1. Thank You Page Customizer 

Rating: 4.7 (86 reviews)

Pricing: $7.99/month. 14-day free trial.

Thank You Page Customizer

Thank You Page Customizer allows users to choose from a variety of different widgets to customize their order confirmation page. Here are some main features of Thank You Page Customizer.

Key functions

#2. Post Purchase Checkout Upsell 

Rating: 4.7 (33 reviews)

Pricing: Free plan available. Additional charges may apply.

Post Purchase Checkout Upsell

Post-Purchase Checkout Upsell is an app specialized for upselling and cross-selling features on the Thank You Page. Check out some key features of this app.

Key functions

#3. ReConvert 


Rating: 5 (3060 reviews)

Pricing: Free plan available. 30-day free trial.

Among the three,  ReCovert is the most compelling app as it offers all the features you need in one. It promises to bring you a 15% increase in your revenue without spending on advertising. Here are some of the features it offers.  

Key functions 

Final Thought

Shopify Thank You Page is not simply a page to “thank” customers regarding their purchase, but it is also a great tool to drive sales, expand your customer base, and engage them on social media.  

With the right customization of Thank you page, you are able to attract customers for further purchases and maintain a long-term relationship with them. 

Make sure do not overwhelm your new customers with lots of requests for social engagement and excessive discounts. 

When you truly wish to add value to your customer’s shopping journey by making the best thank you page instead of asking for more sales, customers will certainly come back for more purchases. 

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