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15 Best Shopify Subscription Themes for All Niches in 2023

Shopify subscription theme

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If you’re starting a Shopify subscription box business, there will be several steps you have to cover to successfully create your online store with a Shopify subscription theme and sell your products.

After getting a basic understanding of the Shopify subscription box, you need to pick your favorite subscription app for your online store. You can read “The Best Shopify Subscription App for eCommerce Business,” in which we recommended some popular and high-rated apps at present.

Besides, you also need to choose a subscription platform that can help you set up your store and supply you with useful management tools.

Now, this blog will show you how you can polish your store by adding the Shopify subscription theme.

What is a Shopify subscription theme?

A Shopify subscription theme is simply a theme that includes a predefined layout and controls how your online store will appear to customers just like many other themes. The only difference is they’re more suitable if you want to build a subscription-based store instead of a one-time purchase business.

Setting up a new store with the Shopify subscription theme is easy peasy That’s because the majority of themes on Shopify include pre-selected typography, graphics, pages, and other necessary elements to create an effective online business.

Many Shopify themes include pre-selected typography, graphics, pages, and other necessary elements.

Moreover, a gorgeous website can be easily set up using a pre-made Shopify subscription theme without much technical knowledge.

However, Shopify’s built-in toolset doesn’t come up with subscription-selling features. So to offer subscriptions on your product detail pages, you need a subscription app.

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Where to buy a Shopify subscription theme

Shopify layouts are available for purchase on numerous online marketplaces.

1. Shopify

It’s crucial to remember that templates offered by the official Shopify marketplaces are designed to work perfectly with their platform. 

Shopify Theme Store provides you with themes having the best integration and functionality.

Besides, before being made available on the market and for customers to use, these templates are also thoroughly examined by Shopify to fulfill very high requirements.

Hence, if you intend to purchase a Shopify subscription theme from Shopify, you can go to the Shopify Theme store to explore more interesting templates.

2. Third-party marketplaces

Another well-liked place to buy Shopify themes is through third-party marketplaces. As long as you conduct careful research and keep customer reviews in mind, there are still many fantastic solutions available. 

Nevertheless, if you use a Shopify subscription theme from other providers (except Shopify), these templates won’t be subject to Shopify’s quality control. 

Besides, you also need to perform regular checks and make updates to your Shopify subscription theme yourself.

However, another decisive benefit of a third-party theme is that it frequently costs far less than a Shopify subscription theme. As a result, purchasing themes from outside providers for your Shopify online store can be a better option for some people with a limited business budget.

Choose a Shopify subscription theme for your subscriptions

Nowadays, the subscription-based selling sector is one of the business models that has the fastest rates of growth in eCommerce. Meanwhile, the market is becoming more crowded, making it more difficult for companies to stand out.

Thus, it’s really essential for your store to have an appropriate Shopify subscription theme to become unique and attract more customers.

Now, we will give you some suggestions to help you choose your best Shopify subscription theme in a short time.

1. Shopify themes

The themes originally provided by Shopify are designed to be most compatible with the latest Online Store 2.0 version. Therefore, they help users create an online store quickly and decorate it with the most incredible and deluxe Shopify subscription theme.

1.1 Fresh: Food and Drink (Rating: 4.25)

The theme “Fresh,” sold in the Shopify Theme Store, is the first one we would like to recommend for your online store. It can make your store more outstanding due to its vibrant and adorable pastel colors.

Fresh is a good Shopify subscription theme for your store.

In general, if you’re a company trying to create a youthful atmosphere, Fresh is probably a popular favorite Shopify subscription theme. Besides, this template will work well for selling things from stationery to food.

However, you have to make a one-time purchase of $180 to get Fresh for your store. Although it may seem expensive at first, it will save you time and effort to not recreate a design like this from scratch.

1.2 Highlight: Clothing (Rating: 4.9)

By combining a story experience, Highlight is specially made to introduce to clients a product in a more creative and engaging way.

Highlight is a Shopify subscription theme with a totally different style that you should try once.

With Highlight, you can scroll down the landing page by using a parallax vertical slider. Meanwhile, your content will also be artistically and elegantly displayed to your customers. That’s why Highlight should be considered to be your best Shopify subscription theme.

Moreover, Highlight is ideal for entrepreneurs who conduct business in clothing, office supplies and equipment, jewelry and accessories, health and beauty products, and home furnishings.

To set up this template, you need to pay $250 to the Shopify Theme Store.

1.3 Prestige: Clothing, Health and Beauty (Rating: 4.55)

Prestige is a perfect Shopify subscription theme for luxury and designer corporations. In particular, it’s used for subscription companies operating in the jewelry and accessories, health and beauty, and clothing fields.

When using Prestige, you can enjoy the quick realization of an online store with 3 magnificent styles. 

Prestige is a beautiful Shopify subscription theme.

In addition, Prestige also includes a ton of extra tools that will maintain the quality of your subscription website. Some of those unique features consist of a slide-out cart, image hot-spot connecting, an integrated chronology for narrative, and a slider.

Nonetheless, Prestige is not a cost-effective option as it’s currently available on the Shopify Themes at $320 to be applied to your luxury store.

1.4 Flow: Clothing, Health and Beauty (Rating: 4.5)

You can use Flow as your default Shopify subscription theme to dazzle anybody who visits your subscription website. 

Flow can help you achieve your goals regardless of whether you start with an online store first and then introduce the subscription model, or operate them at the same time.

Flow is a gorgeous and high-quality Shopify subscription theme.

Because of the minimalist design, Flow offers your clients a pleasurable shopping experience on all platforms and devices. 

Besides, you will get 3 appealing designs included in the Flow Shopify subscription theme, and each focuses on a different market.

Like Prestige, Flow is quite expensive as it costs up to $350. Therefore, you should consider the company’s budget before making your decision.

1.5 Warehouse: Electronics, Home and decor (Rating: 4.35)

If you intend to establish an enterprise in the niche of furniture and technology, Warehouse is specially designed for your store and makes it more stunning than ever.

Warehouse is your theme if you need to redesign an online store with a large inventory.

For $320, the Warehouse Shopify subscription theme from the Shopify Themes Store gives you 3 demo designs, including Metal, Wood, and Fabric. Each has carousels and creative blocks created by the theme’s author to display the greatest products to your customers. 

However, you will need to make a few design adjustments yourself to make the subscription business work. Still, don’t worry as there is no coding experience required and you can do this with ease.

2. Third-party themes

Besides buying themes on the Shopify Themes store, you can find some favorable ones from third-party providers.

One main advantage of this option is that outsiders’ themes are normally more cost-effective than those on Shopify. 

On the other hand, you may need to make some necessary modifications to make your themes completely work well with the Shopify online store.

2.1 Avone: Clothing (Rating: 5.0)

Avone is a stunning and multifunctional Shopify subscription theme that can perfectly support your subscription boxes.

Besides, Avone is adaptable enough to operate for various purposes, ensuring that you can easily take advantage of all of Avone’s abilities. You can just add your information and products to your website because the design is already so visually appealing.

Avone is a third-party Shopify subscription template for an eCommerce business.

Meanwhile, you can also mix and match many front page styles, inside layouts, wishlist setups, mega menu designs, and newsletter pop-ups.

However, you will need to contact the third-party provider to purchase Avone at $79 to get it as a subscription Shopify theme for your store.

2.2 Lusion: Accessories and Clothing (Rating: 4.51)

Lusion is considered to be the most original multi-purpose Shopify subscription theme for online shopping with a pristine and innovative look. It will make your store more attractive to viewers, allowing you to sell more products and enhance the user experience.

Lusion can become your best Shopify theme subscription.

Additionally, Lusion integrates well with your store in the new Shopify Online Store 2.0 version as well as displays a clear organizational structure on both laptops and mobile phones.

With only $48, you will get this theme as an ideal design for your store, whether you want to create an online clothing store or a homemade food store. 

Finally, Lusion’s strongest feature is its ready-made demos for single-product eCommerce stores.

2.3 Zeexo: Clothing (Rating: 4.8)

Zeexo is a Shopify subscription theme that allows you to build a website if you want to create a new subscription-based business yourself.

Otherwise, if you’ve already created one on Shopify, Zeexo can provide you with numerous trendy templates that you can apply to your store.

You should choose Zeexo as your Shopify subscription theme to make your store look trendy.

Moreover, for only $59, you will get Zeexo’s Shopify subscription theme, which is quick and straightforward to set up. 

Besides, whenever you come to Zeexo, you will see a new template as it frequently updates themes every week. The purpose is to make sure that your store will always look fancy and attract your customers’ attention at first glance.

2.4 LuckyDogs: Pets and Animals (Rating: 4.0)

If you want to open up a pet store in the model of a subscription-based business, don’t worry as LuckyDogs will give you some adorable and lively templates. 

No matter which one you utilize, it will definitely provide customers with a fantastic experience as soon as they arrive on your subscription website.

The ideal Shopify subscription theme for a pet-store-related subscription business is LuckyDogs.

Furthermore, this theme consists of all of Shopify’s quick-action features for only $39. Hence, your customers can shop for their animal items quickly and easily.

Additionally, mobile-friendly designs are also available to enable your target audience to shop on the go.

Therefore, LuckyDogs has become the most popular Shopify subscription theme for stores selling animal products.

2.5 Beaux: Cosmetics (Rating: 4.9)

If you’re an entrepreneur who sells cosmetics and skin-care products, you may wonder which one should be your Shopify subscription theme. Beaux is here for you.

Beaux is a Shopify subscription theme that can help you start your subscription boxes in the cosmetics and relevant industries at once.

Beaux is a subscription Shopify theme for selling cosmetics and beauty subscriptions.

With Beaux, you can customize it to your precise requirements and use it for a variety of purposes. Some features on Beaux include sliders, newsletter pop-ups, a convenient search option, deal counters, and more. 

Just like LuckyDogs and Zeexo mentioned above, Beaux is a third-party Shopify subscription theme and costs you about $69 for installation.

2.6 FOXic: Clothing, Beauty and Health (Rating: 4.94)

FOXic is a fantastic Shopify subscription theme as it supplies customers with over 40 samples. They all display a straightforward and minimalist design for your online store. 

Besides, FOXic excels at both dark and light layouts, as well as solutions for diverse business sectors. So, you can freely choose the Shopify subscription theme that you want.

FOXic is a multipurpose Shopify subscription theme.

Furthermore, FOXic is built for a fantastic mobile shopping experience due to its responsive and quick loading layouts. Meanwhile, you will receive a variety of features, like a mega menu, a live sales notice, a product brief view, limitless custom variables, and more.

In terms of pricing, for $79 you will get FOXic, a multi-functional template.

2.7 Susan: Books (Rating: 3.40)

If you want to sell books as subscriptions to your clients, you can think about using Susan to polish your online store.

To pick Susan as your Shopify subscription theme, you need to make a payment of $48. Now, you can sell your eBooks and magazines with an eye-catching store design.

Susan is a good Shopify subscription theme for online bookstores.

A few optional features worth highlighting in Susan’s include the mega menus with images, quick view pop-ups, preloaders, contact forms, and more. 

Furthermore, Susan is also quick and easy to work with, so you can easily customize it to your tastes. 

Now, just save your time and break into the market with eye-catching eCommerce book store websites with Susan.

2.8 Salehub: Clothing (Rating: 4.52)

One of the most common subscription items is apparel. So now, we will recommend you a great Shopify subscription theme for selling clothes. That is Salehub.

You can quickly establish a distinctive-looking Shopify clothing store with the assistance of Salehub’s pre-made pages. They include nearly 12 homepage layouts, 4 collection pages, and 6 product pages.

Salehub is an ideal Shopify theme for garment-related subscription box businesses.

Another special thing about Salehub is that the theme’s creator controls all the fundamental optimizations in this theme. As a result, store owners can quickly set up their websites and start to sell subscription clothes immediately.

Finally, you pay $56 for Salehub, and then you will get a fashionable and stunning store view.

2.9 Goodwin: Sportwear, Toys, and Clothing (Rating: 4.92)

Goodwin has a modern and viral outlook to make your brand stand out and attract customers. It has more than 22 designed home pages, and each update adds more demos for users to choose from. 

Meanwhile, Goodwin will be a wise pick for major online store categories like fashion, technology, and sports, which have specific website designs. 

Goodwin will be a wise pick for your subscription-based business.

With Goodwin, you receive a simple layout with a clear message about your program and appealing products. Besides, you also get bright and dark theme modes, which are helpful additional features in this theme set.

Nevertheless, purchasing Goodwin may be more costly when compared to others, as it will charge you approximately $114.

2.10 Agota: Furniture (Rating: 4.57)

Agota is a section-ready theme for Shopify subscription businesses. You can develop nearly any type of store with this theme because its design is focused more on reusable and customizable components. 

Agota is a Shopify subscription theme that is specially designed for furniture sales.

Likewise, you can easily make adjustments at any time or keep your online store updated.

If you are ready to pay $56 to get Agota, you can access 6 demo versions of this theme collection in total.

In particular, Agota can be a wonderful option if you’re about to start a subscription model for your furniture company. There is enough space for you to describe each product’s features to the audience fully.

Final thoughts

All in all, your Shopify subscription theme is one of the key elements that can make or break the success of your store. After all, customers form an opinion of your website in just a few seconds.

As a result, you should carefully consider all of the tips as well as compare several subscription themes to pick the best Shopify subscription theme for your online store.

If you cannot find a suitable Shopify subscription theme among our suggestions, you can take a look at “15 Flexible Shopify Subscription Themes.”

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