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Protect Your Customers with Shopify SSL Certificate

Shopify SSL

When purchasing online, customers nowadays are concerned about their personal information being taken, such as passwords, emails, or bank accounts. You can protect their data and provide them with a good shopping experience by using Shopify SSL.

What is Shopify SSL Certificate?

SSL (or Secure Socket Layer) is a form of encryption that protects data as it travels between your computer and the internet. 

Shopify SSL encrypts the data sent between the two parties, making it impossible for anybody else to access it, even users on the same network. 

Shopify SSL Certificate

With Shopify SSL, you can feel secure because all pages, information, and data of over 200,000 online stores on Shopify are protected. This ensures that no data is collected while travelling over the internet.

Shopify consistently encourages and assists users in protecting their online stores against cybercrime. As a result, it offers merchants a free SSL Certificate for all online shops, regardless of their domain names or domain providers.

According to Shopify experts in the United States, SSL Certificates are enabled automatically in your Shopify store’s check out as well as any goods placed on your Shopify domain.

How does Shopify SSL works?

The information you send on the Internet is transmitted from computer to computer, then to the destination server. When sending information over the Internet, SSL encrypts it so that only designated recipients can understand it. 

For example, when you enter your email password, phone number, address and credit card number at the checkout page, any computer between you and the server can see this personal information if we are not encrypted with a Shopify SSL Certificate.

When a Shopify SSL Certificate is used, the information becomes unreadable to everyone except the server to which the information is sent. As a result, hackers and cyber thieves cannot read or take your information.

Benefits of Shopify SSL Certificate

Shopify SSL not only helps merchants and customers safeguard their data but also provides significant advantages to online businesses.

One of the most essential benefits of an SSL Certificate, as you may know, is data security. It is easy for hackers to steal personal information like passwords, bank accounts, and emails from unsecured eCommerce webshops.

Using Shopify SSL is the best way to secure business transactions and keep client data hidden and secure. Now, you no longer have to be concerned about losing your account or having your passwords leaked.

SSL Certificate also provides authentication for customers when purchasing on your online store. This means you can be sure you’re sending information to the right server and not to some impostor trying to steal your information.

If you have successfully activated Shopify SSL, a padlock icon will show next to your website link as a signal to customers that their information is safe. Furthermore, once you enable your Shopify SSL Certificate, all of your traffic will be switched from HTTP to HTTPS, which is encrypted.

Users will receive signals from their web browsers confirming that their connection is secure. Customers will trust the website more as a result,  encouraging them confidently add-to-cart.


Google has announced that HTTPS will be a criterion for ranking websites. This means that when giving results to searchers, a website with SSL will have priority over a site of the same type but without SSL.

Google released an updated announcement about HTTPS and site ranking. They affirm that their top priority is internet security. As a result, applying Shopify SSL can help your store rank higher on Google and become more visible to customers.

How to activate a Shopify SSL Certificate?

Shopify SSL Connection

Once your domain is connected, Shopify automatically provides and installs SSL certificates on all URLs in the following cases:

Security errors may also show up in the browser when a customer visits your online store. After more than 48 hours, if the store is still showing security error, please contact Shopify support.

After successfully activated, a padlock icon will display in the browser and your website link will change from to

Shopify SSL Certificate pending?

It is very simple to add a Shopify SSL Certificate for your online store. But sometimes there are several unexpected situations and one of them is SSL pending. Here is all about Shopify SSL pending and how to fix it.

When your website is obtaining a certificate, you may see the error message SSL pending. Shopify SSL has been activated for your stores if an SSL certificate is pending. 


Shopify SSL Pending

However, Shopify hasn’t verified your internet server or store’s products yet to ensure they match the encryption standard. Fortunately, fixing this issue is possible.

Firstly, check your name records. You’ll get a Shopify SSL certificate pending instead of an SSL Unavailable Shopify issue if all of your DNS setups are correct except for your records.

After that, look at your CNAME records. Set your Shopify-specific CNAME record to:

Please remember that they should always refer to a domain name rather than an IP address.

Finally, you can let the issue continue for 48 hours to see whether it goes away on its own. Changes to your eCommerce website’s URL often take 48 hours to be updated.


Shopify SSL is an important factor for securing client data on your website. It will also help you create buyer trust because all of their information is protected when they make a purchase with your business.

Shopify now provides all users with a free SSL certificate. There may be certain problems during the activation procedure, but they are possible to fix.

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