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10 Must-have Shopify Review Apps That No One Tells You (2023)

10 Must-Have Shopify Review Apps: A Comprehensive Review - OneCommerce

10 Must-Have Shopify Review Apps: A Comprehensive Review - OneCommerce

Looking to boost your Shopify store’s credibility and increase sales? If so, it’s about time to invest in some robust Shopify review apps! Product reviews give potential customers the confidence to buy from you and even boost your search engine rankings.

Now you might wonder, with so many Shopify reviews apps out there, how can you know which ones are worthy? Don’t worry – that’s where we come in!

This article will share the top 10 Shopify review apps of 2023 to help you gather and showcase customer feedback like a pro. Now are you ready to take your Shopify store to the next level? Let’s go!

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What Are Shopify Reviews Apps?

Shopify review apps are powerful tools that help you collect, manage, and display customer reviews on your Shopify store.

These apps offer various features, from automated review requests and customizable review forms to rich snippets and social proof widgets.

And the best part? They can be downloaded straight from Shopify App Store and integrate smoothly without any hassle.

How do these Shopify review apps work?

The most accurate answer depends on the specific app you choose. However, most follow a similar process.

Why Are Shopify Review Apps So Important?

Shopify review apps are essential because they can significantly shape consumer behavior and purchasing decisions.

💡 It is quite a well-known belief among Shopify store owners that positive reviews usually encourage potential customers to buy products.

In fact, according to research in 2022, up to 93% of customers say that online reviews will affect their shopping decisions!

You can encourage customers to leave feedback and share their opinions using Shopify review apps. They can help you build trust with potential customers by showcasing social proof.

This can lead to higher sales and conversion rates since potential buyers are more likely to buy from a store with positive reviews.

Plus, it can also boost your SEO rankings by providing rich snippets for search engines. This is because the reviews provide fresh and relevant content that search engines favor.

High ranking on search engines usually leads to more traffic to your store and, ultimately, more sales.

10 Best Shopify Review Apps in 2023

1. Ali Reviews – Product Reviews

Ali Reviews is one of the most thriving candidates for the best Shopify review apps in 2023.

The app allows you to collect and showcase customer reviews on your online store, and easily gather customer feedback from various sources such as email, SMS review requests, QR codes, social media, and incentive programs.

The most notable aspect of Ali Reviews is its easy-to-use interface, making it simple for you to set up and customize review displays. Moreover, with industry-leading review widget templates, you can customize your reviews to match your store’s branding effortlessly.

Highlight features of Ali Reviews:

2. Yotpo

Yotpo is one of the most well-known Shopify review apps offering various features to help you collect and showcase customer feedback. With Yotpo, you can access many great features, AI-powered data analysis, and various tailor-made plans.

Highlight features of Yotpo:

3. is our next recommendation for Shopify review apps that focus on providing a robust review system at an affordable price.

With, you can collect product and site reviews and photo reviews, all of which can be displayed in various formats on your online store. The best aspect of is that their free plan has some excellent functions!

Highlight features of

4. Loox

Loox can help you display customer reviews in a visually attractive way. This app allows users to upload pictures alongside a message to reveal to prospective buyers the product’s condition on delivery and how it affected them by showing the product in use.

Highlight features of Loox:

5. is a Shopify review app that offers a range of features for managing customer reviews and ratings.

With, you can display reviews on your website, send review request emails to customers, and even collect reviews via SMS.

Highlight features of

6. Okendo

The next suggestion on the best Shopify review apps is Okendo. This app offers various features for collecting, managing, and displaying customer reviews.

Okendo can help send review request emails to customers, display reviews on your website, and even showcase user-generated content from social media. This app is famous for its extensive range of eye-appealing and highly-customizable widgets.

Highlight features of Okendo:

7. Ryviu

Ryviu is a popular Shopify reviews app that allows online store owners to import customer reviews from multiple platforms like Amazon, AliExpress, and more.

Ryviu lets you view reviews for a particular product on an interactive map, and you can also view reviews by country. The app also has a Q&A widget that allows you to display and answer customer questions on your product pages.

Highlight features of Ryviu:

8. Rivyo

Rivyo is another great Shopify reviews app that offers a wide range of features for review management and display. If you run a dropshipping business, Rivyo makes it easy to bring in customer reviews from AliExpress and display them on your Shopify store.

You can also personalize the reviews to match your brand and add them to any section of your store using a simple code.

Highlight features of Rivyo:

9. Vitals

Vitals is an all-in-one marketing solution featuring over 40 features for your online sales & marketing.

This app is easy-to-use, fast, and lightweight, With Vitals, you can collect and display customer reviews, offer social proof notifications, and even optimize your store for mobile devices.

Highlight features of Vitals:

10. Trustoo

Trustoo is a simple and easy-to-use Shopify reviews app that offers basic features for review management and display. With Trustoo, you can collect and display customer reviews on your store’s homepage, product pages, and more.

Highlight features of Trustoo:

Final words

These top 10 Shopify review apps offer a range of features to help you manage, display customer reviews, boost your sales, and improve customer trust and loyalty.

Using Shopify review apps is crucial for any eCommerce store looking to succeed in today’s highly competitive market. With the right app, you can easily collect and display customer reviews, build social proof, and increase conversion rates.

Therefore, try out the top 10 Shopify review apps today! User-friendly interface, advanced features, and affordable pricing plans, these apps are a great choice for any Shopify store looking to take its review management to the next level.

Hope this article has helped you choose the best Shopify review apps for your online store! Stay tuned on OneCommerce Blog for more to come!

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