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Great Shopify POS Lite & Shopify POS Pro Subscription 2023

Shopify POS Pro subscription

Shopify POS Pro subscription - Onecommerce

There are some new business models that you can try for your eCommerce store, like creating a Shopify subscription box. That is to sell subscriptions and how you can start your own subscription business at once on Shopify.

Currently, Shopify offers users a subscription service, the Shopify POS Pro subscription, to help entrepreneurs sell subscriptions with ease and satisfy their companies’ requirements.

Therefore, we will compare Shopify POS Lite and the Shopify POS Pro subscription as well as their special features for successfully conducting an eCommerce business.

What is a Shopify POS Pro subscription?

Shopify POS is an app that allows users to sell goods practically anywhere they want, including physical stores, markets, and pop-up shops.

Besides, Shopify POS also synchronizes with Shopify to support you in tracking orders and inventory across your physical stores, online stores, and other active sales channels.

Besides, the Shopify POS Pro subscription is one of two POS apps you can choose to sell your products. Or, when you register for the Shopify Plus plan, it already includes the Shopify POS Pro subscription.

The other is Shopify POS Lite, which has some limited options when compared to the Shopify POS Pro subscription.

Still, you can select the level of POS app subscription that is appropriate for your business locations.

Shopify POS Lite vs Shopify POS Pro subscription

As mentioned above, there are two Shopify POS subscription options, a Shopify POS Lite or a Shopify POS Pro subscription. Each has different traits that we will outline to help you choose the best subscription app for your online store.

You can choose the Shopify POS Pro subscription if it satisfies your business needs


Shopify POS Lite subscription

In fact, both POS subscription Shopify apps embrace a wide range of basic features you may need to run your eCommerce business. 

These are some of them:

As a result, if you just need a solution with adequate and principal functions, you can think about the Shopify POS Lite subscription.

Shopify POS Pro subscription

On the other hand, what makes the Shopify POS Pro subscription app stand out is its ability to cover some special factors that Shopify POS Lite does not. 

Thus, if your company needs more advanced and flexible tools, the Shopify POS Pro subscription is an ideal choice.

Target audience

Shopify POS Lite subscription

The Shopify POS Lite subscription enables companies of any size to conduct in-person commerce from a physical store or while on the go.

Moreover, if you’re looking for a cost-effective subscription app, you can go for Shopify POS Lite. That’s because it will be free of charge if you’ve already registered for a Shopify plan, including Basic Shopify, Shopify, or Advanced Shopify

Despite paying no extra cost, this solution still guarantees to provide you with the principal tools to run your business.

Shopify POS Pro subscription

Meanwhile, the Shopify POS Pro subscription app is specially designed for brick-and-mortar retailers. 

Additionally, you may wish to upgrade to a Shopify POS Pro subscription if you’re truly focused on opening your own permanent retail location rather than just a pop-up. 

You will need to upgrade to a Shopify POS Pro subscription if you’re a brick-and-mortar retailer

Moreover, choosing the Shopify POS Pro subscription also means you will need more investment. That’s because your company has to pay a recurring subscription fee that comes along with the Shopify Plus plan.

In addition, if you combine registering for the Shopify POS Pro subscription and using a Shopify subscription app, like SubBox: Subscriptions, you will receive more advanced tools and full support. 


Pricing is one of the biggest differences between Shopify POS Lite and Shopify POS Pro subscription apps. It’s also the main reason for many entrepreneurs to decide on the most suitable solution for their stores.

Pricing is a major difference between Shopify POS Lite and Shopify POS Pro subscription apps

In terms of pricing, your monthly Shopify POS costs will consist of your Shopify plan, transaction costs, and the Shopify POS Pro subscription (if you choose to upgrade). 

Besides, there may be other additional expenses, such as payment processing and Shopify hardware costs.

Shopify plans

Both the Shopify POS Pro subscription and Shopify POS Lite require a Shopify plan. This means that if you want to use either version of the Shopify POS subscription app, you will have to choose a Shopify plan first.

Shopify POS Lite subscription

All Shopify plans have the Shopify POS Lite available for you to use. There are three plans for POS subscription Shopify.

There are three plans you can choose from, and all of them already include the Shopify POS Lite

It has various sales channels, unlimited product support, and up to a 77% shipping discount. Besides, the monthly registration fee is $29 per month.

It’s a Shopify plan at the standard level and includes all the capabilities of the Basic. For $79 per month, you can have up to five staff members and locations for inventory, standard reports, and above 88% for a shipping discount.

The Advanced Shopify plan can cost you about $299 per month. It has all the capabilities of the standard plan plus automation, third-party shipping rate calculation, and advanced reporting for users.

Additionally, you’ll get access to 15 staff accounts, 8 locations, and up to an 88% shipping discount.

Shopify POS Pro subscription

We advise adding the POS Pro membership to unlock more POS features, especially for retail businesses with high traffic, several levels of employees, or a vast inventory selection. 

You can now upgrade to the Shopify POS Pro subscription for each location for an extra $89 per month.

Or, you can register with Shopify Plus, whose price starts at $2000 per month and can be flexible for higher volume companies. Then, you can use the Shopify POS Pro subscription, which is attached to Shopify Plus.

Here is the sample monthly bill. It calculates the amount of money you have to pay if you choose to use the Shopify plan and the Shopify POS Pro subscription.

Here is the sample monthly bill

Payment processing

You need to consider your eCommerce platform’s payment processing fees in addition to the cost of the software. 

Still, all of your plans include Shopify Payments, and it’s quite simple for you to compare different costs to choose the best Shopify plan.

The Basic plan on Shopify charges you 2.7% for in-person transactions and 2.9% plus 30 cents for online transactions.

When using this package, you have to pay 2.5% for in-person transactions and 2.6% plus 30 cents for online transactions.

Finally, the Advanced Shopify plan costs you 2.4% for in-person transactions and 2.4% plus 30 cents for online transactions.


If you use the Shopify POS Pro subscription, you can begin with the hardware selection process.

For instance, you can choose the hardware required to take payments from customers. It will help you accept payments made with cash, credit cards, or both much more easily.

Or, you can select the specific retail hardware that best suits your company’s requirements, such as cash registers, receipt printers, and barcode scanners.

Shopify has a hardware shop, allowing you to access and buy the hardware you need.

You can visit the hardware shop on Shopify

Final thoughts

It is obvious that the Shopify POS Pro subscription gives you a more comprehensive solution to sell your products and improve your customers’ shopping experiences. However, you can still consider the Shopify POS Lite option if your company just needs some basic but adequate tools to manage your eCommerce business.

All in all, the purpose of this differentiation is to help you gain a deeper understanding of the Shopify POS Pro subscription and choose your favorite Shopify subscription app.

To get more information about the Shopify POS system, you can take a look at “Shopify POS System – Everything You Need to Know.”

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