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12+ Best Shopify Page Builder Apps To Touch Up Your Store (2024)

13 Best Shopify Page Builder Apps To Touch Up Your Store - OneCommerce

13 Best Shopify Page Builder Apps To Touch Up Your Store - OneCommerce

Your Shopify visual storefront can be a deal maker or breaker. Thus, to convert your website visitors into leads and sales, you need a professional website that gets your potential customers hooked.

Unfortunately, despite Shopify’s great themes, they’re not fully customizable and you need a page builder to enhance your web store. That’s why we’ve tested and compiled the 13 best Shopify page builder apps to recommend for you!

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1. EComposer Landing Page Builder

EComposer is the first name we’d love to suggest, as it’s one of the best Shopify page builders in the market that is truly worth your money. With its easy and fast page-building capabilities, you can effortlessly create stunning and highly converting pages.

Even if you’re a beginner, you can easily customize pages using the live drag-and-drop editor and the rich library of EComposer elements, options, and templates. Plus, you’ll save valuable time and costs by utilizing the built-in extensions that boost sales, eliminating the need for third-party apps.

With EComposer’s speed-up tools and optimized codes, you won’t have to worry about your store’s speed. And if you ever need assistance, their 24/7 live chat support is always ready to help.

EComposer is a Shopify page builder you shouldn’t miss out on

EComposer‘s highlight features:

2. PageFly

PageFly stands out as a premier Shopify page builder app, empowering you to craft stunning and high-performing pages for your online store effortlessly. With its intuitive drag-and-drop editor, you can elevate your store’s design without any coding knowledge.

Whether you prefer starting from a template or building from scratch, PageFly provides a vast library of elements to bring your creative vision to life. From first-time store owners to growing merchants and expert agencies, PageFly caters to all, offering a user-friendly platform designed to meet your business goals.

With PageFly, you can easily create pages that captivate your audience

PageFly’s highlight features:

3. GemPages

GemPages offers a powerful visual editor that allows you to build, customize, and optimize your Shopify store for better conversion rates. With its code-free approach, GemPages empowers you to bring your vision to life using a versatile Drag & Drop Editor.

Whether you need to create a stunning home page, product page, collection page, FAQ page, blog posts, or high-performing landing pages, GemPages covers you with its extensive template library.

It goes beyond aesthetics by providing conversion boosters like countdown timers and stock counters to turn visits into sales. The app also ensures a seamless mobile experience with its mobile-friendly templates and built-in loading speed optimizations.

With GemPages, you can automate content updates, efficiently build pages, and enjoy advanced customization options like animations and flow actions. It’s your all-in-one solution, conveniently presented on a visual canvas.

GemPages is a robust Shopify page builder we highly recommend

GemPages‘s highlight features:

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4. Shogun

Up next, we have Shogun – an outstanding choice to empower you to design various types of pages effortlessly. With its easy-to-use drag-and-drop page editor, you can seamlessly create stunning blogs, product pages, landing pages, and even theme sections without any coding skills required.

Shogun offers a versatile array of features enabling you to unleash your creativity and customize your online store perfectly. Whether you prefer to work with pre-designed templates or desire to craft something entirely unique, Shogun provides a wide range of elements like sliders, videos, countdowns, and product tabs to enhance your designs.

Shogun’s advanced page themes and sections won’t let you down

Shogun‘s highlight features:

5. LayoutHub ‑ Easy Page Builder

When it comes to building stunning web pages on Shopify, LayoutHub is a game-changer that saves you time and effort in creating your website from scratch. This brilliant app offers a vast library of high-quality layouts carefully crafted by seasoned e-commerce professionals.

With LayoutHub, you can quickly select and customize the perfect layout that suits your needs, allowing you to have a fully functional website up and running in just minutes. The app’s user-friendly interface and powerful editor make it accessible to anyone, regardless of technical expertise.

Not only that, LayoutHub is compatible with popular Shopify apps, ensuring seamless integration of additional functionalities. With outstanding performance as a top priority, LayoutHub guarantees fast loading times and an exceptional user experience for your visitors.

LayoutHub is one of the best Shopify page builder apps in the market

LayoutHub‘s highlight features:

6. Section Store: Theme sections

Section Store is a game-changer regarding page builder apps for Shopify. Unlike traditional options that limit your design choices, Section Store offers a vast section library that empowers you to create a truly unique and customized store.

With this app, you can easily browse through the collection of plug-and-play customizable sections, such as features, testimonials, FAQs, and trust badges, to enhance your website’s functionality. The best part is that you can seamlessly add these sections to any theme on your store and customize them directly in Shopify’s theme editor, eliminating the need for complicated page-builder apps or expensive developers.

Section Store puts the power in your hands, allowing you to experiment with different sections before committing and ensuring your pages load quickly and efficiently. With new sections continuously added to the library, you’ll always have fresh options to keep your store looking modern and engaging.

With Section Store, you can create a stunning and functional store that truly represents your brand style

Section Store‘s highlight features:

7. Pagetify Landing Page Builder

Given that the list is crowded with big names like PageFly, Shogun, or GemPages, Pagetify is rather a ‘newbie.’ However, it’s the newbie that we highly recommend.

This app gives you all the tools you need to create stunning store pages effortlessly. With its drag-and-drop interface, you can build pages without any coding knowledge, making it user-friendly and accessible for everyone.  The best part is that it’s completely free!

Like popular page builder apps like PageFly, GemPages, and Shogun, Pagetify offers over 50 pre-made elements, including slideshow, video banners, hero banners, and parallax effects, allowing you to create visually captivating pages.

But it doesn’t stop there. Pagetify also includes sales-driving elements like countdown timers, testimonials, scrolling text, and lazy loading, helping you boost conversions and drive sales. You can seamlessly integrate with popular apps such as Ali Reviews, Judge, Loox, and Klaviyo to enhance your store’s functionality.

Pagetify – the perfect tool to build visually stunning and high-converting pages for your Shopify store

Pagetify‘s highlight features:

8. Tapita Landing Page Builder

This list would be incomplete without Tapita – one of the top Shopify page builder apps, offering you a seamless experience creating captivating web pages.

The app provides a vast library of page and element templates with impressive layouts and effects, saving you the time and effort of building pages from scratch. With custom-designed and visually appealing pages, you can effectively convert your audience into loyal customers and establish a strong brand image.

Whether you need a stunning homepage, landing pages, blog pages, or popups and top bars, Tapita has you covered

Tapita‘s highlight features:

9. Beae ‑ Page Builder

Up next, let us introduce you to Beae – another top-tier Shopify page builder app. With Beae, you have the tools to customize pages and areas of your Shopify store that were previously inaccessible.

You no longer need to rely on designers or coders to bring your vision to life. Beae’s extensive library of elements and pre-made templates allows you to save on expenses while achieving professional-looking results.

The drag-and-drop page builder, along with the theme, section, and pop-up builders, makes building and customizing faster and easier. Beae also seamlessly integrates with popular third-party apps, ensuring compatibility with your favorite tools.

You’d love to experience the ease and flexibility of Beae’s page builder

Beae‘s highlight features:

10. Automizely Page Builder

Looking to optimize your Shopify store with captivating landing pages? Look no further than Automizely, the all-in-one page builder that helps merchants like you enhance your online presence. With this powerful tool, you can effortlessly create stunning eCommerce pages that engage and convert shoppers, giving them a premium shopping experience.

Whether you want to build pages from scratch or customize existing ones, Automizely offers an intuitive drag-and-drop editor and a wide selection of pre-built templates to suit your needs. Say goodbye to complex coding and hello to seamless customization. In just a few minutes, you can publish professional-looking pages like Product, Home, About Us, Blog, FAQs, and Contact Us.

With Automizely, you can create impressive, conversion-focused pages that will take your online store to new heights.

Automizely Page Builder‘s highlight features:

11. Hypervisual Page Builder

When it comes to Shopify page builders, Hypervisual stands out as one of the best options available. Designed with extreme speed and search-engine friendliness in mind, Hypervisual enables you to effortlessly create captivating content for your products, collections, blog posts, pages, and even your homepage.

With this app, you can build pages that load faster than a heartbeat, thanks to automatic image optimization tailored to each visitor’s device and browser. This optimization results in loading speeds that are typically twice as fast.

What’s more, Hypervisual ensures that all of your page content is indexed by Google, making it SEO-friendly and automatically responsive across all devices without additional effort.

Hypervisual’s capabilities won’t let you down

Hypervisual‘s highlight features

12. Zeno Landing Page Builder

Zeno is a standout choice among Shopify page builders, offering various features to take your online store to the next level. With Zeno, you have the power to create visually stunning pages and theme sections that make your store stand out and drive sales.

The app’s drag-and-drop functionality makes designing a breeze, even without a technical background. Zeno provides a flexible page editor and a range of built-in mini apps, giving you a comprehensive toolkit to build and optimize your store’s design.

Whether you’re looking to design landing pages, product pages, collection pages, or theme sections, Zeno has got you covered. With its optimized loading time and responsive design capabilities, your pages will look perfect across all devices.

Zeno’s intuitive page editor

Zeno‘s highlight features

13. Kava Sections: Page Builder

And last but not least, Kava Sections is one of the most worth-trying Shopify page builders on the Shopify App Store we’d love to bring to the table. With its professionally designed theme sections and intuitive landing page editor, this app offers a seamless and efficient solution for enhancing your store’s design without any coding required.

Kava Sections presents a library of meticulously crafted sections that can be easily added to any theme page, enabling you to elevate your conversion rates and differentiate your store from competitors.

With Kava Sections, you can transform the typically time-consuming design and development process into a matter of hours, giving you the flexibility to create store pages that perfectly align with your brand identity.

Kava Sections gives you the power to create captivating store pages that leave a lasting impression on your customers

Kava Sections‘s highlight features:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Shopify a website builder?

Yes, Shopify is a website builder that allows you to easily build an eCommerce website from scratch. However, to make your e-site to stand out from the crowd, you need a Shopify page builder app.

2. What is a Shopify page builder?

A Shopify page builder is a third-party application that allows you to create and customize web pages on your Shopify store without the need for coding or technical skills.

Most Shopify page builders provide a user-friendly interface and a library of pre-designed elements or templates to simplify the website-building process.

3. Should I use Page Builder for Shopify?

Whether or not to use a Page Builder for Shopify depends on your specific needs and preferences.

If you want more control over the design and layout of your web pages, and you don’t have coding experience, a page builder can be a valuable tool.

However, if you’re comfortable with coding or prefer more advanced customization options, you may opt for manual coding or hiring a developer.

4. How much does Shopify website builder cost?

The cost of a Shopify website builder varies depending on the specific app or tool you choose. Some page builders offer free plans with limited features, while others have premium plans with additional functionalities and advanced customization options.

Final Words

In conclusion, having a powerful and user-friendly Shopify page builder app can make a significant difference in enhancing your online store’s visual appeal, functionality, and overall user experience.

And we hope after reading this article, you can find a Shopify page builder that best suits your needs and budget.

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