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The 5 Best Print On Demand Publishing Companies for Kids

Print on demand publishing companies

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As we analyzed in “Print-on-demand books and the six great benefits of POD services,”  there are many reasons why lots of online sellers choose to trade books with print on demand publishing companies

However, books have a variety of genres and focus on different groups of readers who have their own tastes in reading. Therefore, you will easily get lost in the huge marketplace of book publishing if you don’t determine your own writing style and target audience. 

Hence, you should go through this blog if you are an entrepreneur specializing in creating book content and selling books to children as your niche. 

Now, let’s start with some useful information and recommendations for print on demand publishing companies.

What you should know before printing a book for children

As a book online seller, you’ve already had your book content and illustration images. Now, there are some specific features of the book specifications that you should get through before printing books for your customer—children.

There are some specific features of the books printed for children.


First and foremost, you should choose a suitable type of paper that can attract the child’s attention. As children are always curious about their surroundings, they can easily immerse themselves in colorful and eye-catching things.

Therefore, it may be ideal if you use paper with a matte or glossy coating. 

Besides, glossy papers initially appeal to young toddlers due to their brilliant and reflective coating. 


When children enjoy a story, they tend to keep it by their side and share it with their beloved ones. Thus, the bookbinding should be durable and safe for children’s use. 

The bookbinding should be safe for children’s use.

If you want a book that is lightweight and simple to pick up, you should request saddle stitch bindings from your print on demand publishing companies. The staple stitching is highly flexible, so children can read the books without making them torn.

Nevertheless, if your book has so many pages, you should use a perfect bound book instead. The spine allows for over 800 additional pages to be incorporated into your book, giving it the resilience to be preserved for years.

High Gloss UV Coating

A UV coating ( or ultraviolet coating) is a glossy and shining liquid coating that is sprayed onto the surface of printed paper and then cured under ultraviolet light on a printing press or other specific machine.

In the circumstances of children’s books, the UV high gloss guarantees that your book will endure much longer as it acts as a shield against scratching and scuffing.

Besides, this cover finish improves the overall appearance of your books to make them look new and catch the children’s enthusiasm. When children find your books highly stimulating, they will be eager to explore the books’ content.

Accordingly, the high gloss UV coating is unquestionably an important feature when looking for print on demand companies. 

Some print on demand publishing companies for children’s books

Now we will introduce to you some famous and top-quality print on demand publishing companies that you can work with to create your best print-on-demand books for youngsters.


Blurb’s general description

Blurb is one of the most well-known print on demand publishing companies.

Blurb is one of the most well-known print on demand publishing companies and manufactures several types of books, from photo books to magazines and comics.

As we described in five reliable print-on-demand book companies for sellers, it was started in California, USA, and has printed and dispatched more than 20 million goods.

Blurb has a robust design tool that is user-friendly for beginners and offers free templates to quickly produce bright and interesting children’s books.

Furthermore, replacement copies will be sent within 30 days of delivery in case your books arrive damaged or with material manufacturing defects. That’s how Blurb’s customers are assured of high-quality book printing.


In terms of pricing, print-on-demand books for kids start at $5.99 for 24 pages ($0.06 for each additional page).


Doxzoo’s general description

Doxzoo is one of the most reputable wholesale print on demand publishing companies of children’s books, with no minimum order quantity. 

Doxzoo is one of the most reputable print on demand publishing companies.

Doxzoo is usually used by a wide spectrum of clients, including individuals, small and medium-sized businesses, charities, and larger organizations.

Like Blurb, Doxzoo has its own way of assuring the product quality, which is to reprint and refund within around 10 days of order delivery if there are any flaws.

Moreover, Doxzoo has a quick production time, lasting approximately 2 days. Therefore, you can get your print-on-demand children’s books as soon as possible when picking Doxzoo out of other print on demand publishing companies.


Print-on-demand books for adolescents may be set at £11.10 for 24 pages, and an extra cost (if available) is roughly £0.15.

Besides, what’s special about Doxzoo is its generous discounts for bulk buying, registration, student accounts, and charity.


UBuildABook’s general description

Though UBuildABook is less common than the two above suppliers, it is still one of the most reliable print on demand publishing companies for teenagers’ books. 

UBuildABook is one of the most reliable print on demand publishing companies for teenagers’ books.

In addition to toddler books, the company offers wholesale print-on-demand items that can be customized, including yearbooks, artbooks, catalogs, memory books, and more.

If you intend to sell your books to the United States or Canada, UBuildABook will be a perfect option as they have a rush shipping service that takes about 1 to 2 weeks to transfer your goods to these countries.


For pricing, UBuildABook will print your kids’ books at $20.95 for 24 pages and $0.28 for each additional page.

Furthermore, UBuildABook can offer discounts of up to 90% if you order more than 50 publication units.


BookBaby’s general description

BookBaby cannot be left out of the list of some trustworthy print on demand publishing companies for children’s books. That’s because BookBaby has developed into the country’s top self-publishing provider.

BookBaby has become one of the top print on demand publishing companies.

Additionally, it has assisted over 50 thousand independent writers in creating, publishing, and distributing their print-on-demand adult and children’s books worldwide.

When you sell your book through one of the company’s retail partners, such as Amazon, Walmart, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, and other well-known bookshops, the company charges no commission.

Unlike other print on demand publishing companies, BookBaby suggests using their book marketing tools, such as Facebook ads and display ads, to effectively promote your book sales.


Besides lots of discounts, BookBaby may offer you $99 for 24 pages at a basic price rate.


Bookemon’s general description

Another excellent American provider of print-on-demand personalized children’s books is Bookemon. It is confident to have received five-star ratings from more than 1,000 customers on Google

Another excellent provider of print-on-demand personalized children’s books is Bookemon.

These positive reviews are understandable as Bookemon has a quick shipment, which lasts 2–14 days to the US and Canada, and 6–8 weeks to other countries.

Moreover, Bookemon’s customers will receive a replacement for books with flaws or damage within 21 days of delivery, which gives a good impression.

Besides, by offering educators unique incentives and free samples, Bookemon aims to enlighten, educate, and enrich individuals, especially students.


Books for kids may start at $8.79 for 20 pages and $0.32 for every extra page on the Bookemon website.

In addition, if you place a large-scale order, Bookemon may give you 10%–18% off and 20%–40% discounts for shipping. 

Final thoughts

Selling books to kids is a niche that is worth investing in and doing business in. Most of the print on demand publishing companies nowadays provide you with the printing of children’s books services. Therefore, you can easily find the one that is best suited for your book genres and styles.

Besides, investing money also needs to be calculated if you first come to the print-on-demand publishing business and want to try more ideas. 

To find more print on demand publishing companies to have more options, you can go through the 10 best print on demand book companies.

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