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How to Earn LinkedIn Skill Badges & Attract Recruiters in 2023

Linkedin skill badges

Linkedin skill badges

LinkedIn skill badges are proven certificates that make you stand out from other job seekers on Linkedin. They boost your profile and help you appear on the top searches of recruiters. So, if you’re looking for something like that, this blog is just right for you!

What are LinkedIn skill badges?

The Linkedin skill assessment is a feature allowing you to take the quiz on the skills you’ve added. If you complete assessments with specific skills, you’ll earn skill badges.

LinkedIn skill badges

A regular assessment has 15 multiple-choice questions. Each question examines at least one idea or subskill in a typical evaluation. All questions are timed. You have to answer the questions in order and you CANNOT skip any of them.

There are a wide range of skills exams you can take. They vary from Technical Skills, Business Skills to Design Skills. For example, certain common assessments for Technical Skills are C++, HTML, and Java. 

One thing to note is that if you want to earn badges, you have to complete the skill assessments with a mandatory score. In particular, only participants who finish the test and score in the top 30% of people who took the quiz will receive the badges.

Where are the skills assessments located?

If you want to discover the skill assessments, go to the skills section. You may follow these 2 steps.

LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn skills section

The LinkedIn skills section is here. Click on the “Take skill quiz” button to take the test and try your best to score in the top 30% to get skill badges.

Is it helpful to take the test?

The short answer is yes if skill badges are relevant to your current position. One of the biggest benefits of passing the test is that your skills are verified

Once you pass the test, you’ll receive badges. If you choose to display it, it will appear on your profile along with searches of recruiters. Don’t worry! They only see your badges, NOT your scores.

The badges contribute to LinkedIn search indexes, artificial intelligence, and hiring platforms like LinkedIn Jobs and LinkedIn Recruiter, allowing headhunters and hiring managers to find a better match based on demonstrated skill.

Do your Linkedin skill badges make a good impression on recruiters?

LinkedIn is one of the most trustworthy sources for recruiters to look for candidates. In addition, the number of candidates on LinkedIn is enormous. It’s a bit of hard work for recruiters to find a suitable applicant. 

If you get skill badges, you’ll get a higher chance of appearing on the first page of their searches. This can also increase the chance of you being noticed by HR managers. This saves them time and effort as you are the candidate that acquires the necessary skills. How could they not be impressed?

Normally, there are 4 possible ways recruiters use LinkedIn experience skills assessments:

  1. Recruiters can use search criteria and filters to hunt for the person who has successfully passed the test for specific skills.
  2. Even if recruiters didn’t filter by skills evaluations, badges appear alongside prospect profiles in search results lists, assisting them in prioritizing profiles.
  3. When recruiters offer a job, they can select desirable skills from the same skills database that populates individual profiles’ skill lists. This somehow means a recruiter may see candidates who have their required skills stated on the profile and who have skill badges
  4. Recruiters that have listed a job can also invite candidates to submit assessments for skills they have chosen if the applicants have not done so already.

How to earn your very first LinkedIn skill badges?

1. Choose the relevant skill assessments

There are tons of skills listed on LinkedIn. However, it’s quite weird and time-consuming if you take all of the skill assessments. The recommendation for this is only to take the test that includes the relevant skills for your aspirational position.

For example, if you are interested in the technology sector, consider taking some of the desired skills such as C++ and JavaScript. This makes you noticeable among other candidates if you earn skill badges.

2. Prepare your knowledge

The LinkedIn skill assessments are NOT easy. So, you have to take it seriously. If you fail to pass the test, LinkedIn only allows you to retake it after 3 months. 

It’s wise to retake the quiz once you’ve double-checked your knowledge of your expertise. Also, if you are unsure about an answer to a question, take a moment to eliminate the irrelevant answers and guess the most suitable one.

3. Take the LinkedIn skill assessments

If you are here, you’re probably going to take the quiz and earn skill badges. If so, you may follow these steps:

“Take skill quiz” button

You can search for the desired skills

Step 5: After you choose the suitable quiz test, click on it. The window test appears and you can practice before actually starting the test.

LinkedIn window test

Step 6: Take your time and effort to get through the test and earn badges

4. Display your new LinkedIn skill badges

Once you submit the test, the result will immediately show up. This is the window of the result if you have successfully passed the Linkedin skill assessment. Press the ‘On’ button to show your badges to recruiters.

End words

LinkedIn skill badges are still reliable certificates for candidates to show their relevant skills. Maybe it’s quite difficult for you to pass the test, but it’s absolutely worth it! You never know how much of a difference it might make to a potential employer who happens to stumble upon your LinkedIn profile.

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