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How to Import Amazon Reviews to Shopify | Easy & Free (2023)

How to Import Amazon Reviews to Shopify | Easy & Free - OneCommerce

How to Import Amazon Reviews to Shopify | Easy & Free - OneCommerce

With the rise of e-commerce, online reviews have become an essential part of the customers’ buying journey. According to research by Qualtrics, 93% of customers opt for online reviews before making any purchase decision.

Thus, if you are a new merchant and have not received many reviews on Shopify store, you might want to import reviews from other platforms such as Amazon to enhance customers’ credibility for your shop.

Is it possible to import Amazon Reviews to your Shopify? Yes, but if you do it manually, it would take up many hours, and is hard to manage everything all at once.

Therefore, we highly recommend using AliReviews – an all-in-one product reviews solution that helps import Amazon reviews to your Shopify store with a few simple steps.

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What is Ali Reviews?

For your information, Ali Reviews is an app that allows merchants to effortlessly import product reviews from Amazon to Shopify, aesthetically display them on your storefront and easily manage those reviews.

With a mission to help merchants drive strong social proof, it offers a full suite of features with nicely designed and customizable review widgets that could level up your eCommerce game. It takes you only 5 minutes to set things up and that’s all. No manual work, no coding, just impactful reviews.

How to import Amazon reviews to Shopify using  Ali Reviews?

There are 2 ways of doing this: Import using Amazon product’s URL or Import using CSV files.

Method 1: Import Amazon reviews to Shopify using product URLs

Step 1: Install AliReviews to your Shopify store.

From your Shopify App Store search bar, search for the keyword “AliReviews“. Then select “Add app” to add it to your Shopify store.

?In case you don’t have a Shopify store of your own and you want to get started real quick, get onboard with the most popular eCommerce platform for FREE and win millions of sales this year.

Step 2: Import Amazon Reviews to your Shopify

Once you have installed AliReviews, you will see the Import Reviews menu with all importing options. Choose “Amazon” to import reviews from your Amazon store.

Import Amazon reviews to Shopify

Then, you will see a list of products that can be used to import reviews. You can use Import Settings to set the general conditions of importing (number of reviews added per import, auto publish new reviews after importing, review option, etc). Save the custom settings. Now, only reviews that match the Setting condition can be imported.

Back to the Amazon menu, you will see a list of all products with or without customer reviews. Now you may want to import reviews for the ones that need it, make sense?

Paste the URL of your Amazon products

That’s basically everything you need to do to import Amazon reviews to Shopify using Ali Reviews! Now it’s all yours. You can manage those newly imported reviews on the Manage reviews tab.

From here you can choose to share, copy review or move the review elsewhere.

And that’s it. Now let’s see how to import Amazon reviews to Shopify using CSV files.

Method 2: Import Amazon reviews to Shopify using CSV files

Step 1: From Import Reviews menu > Choose CSV file

Step 2: Upload your CSV file

Follow the instructions on the screen to create a CSV file using Ali Reviews template if you don’t have one for yourself. Then Choose Add file to upload your CSV file to the system. Let the system do the rest!

Import Amazon reviews to Shopify using CSV file

You’re all set!


That’s how easy it is to import Amazon reviews to Shopify using Ali Reviews. You don’t have too many chances to impress your customers, so do it wisely. We highly recommend you to take advantage of customer reviews to build trust and improve your conversion rates.

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