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High Ticket Dropshipping Niches: 40+ Best-Selling Products [2023]

High Ticket Dropshipping Niches: 40+ Best-Selling Products - OneCommerce

High Ticket Dropshipping Niches: 40+ Best-Selling Products - OneCommerce

The appropriate niche selection is essential when starting your own dropshipping business. Selling low-ticket or high ticket dropshipping niches are your two main options in a broad sense.

Of the two options, high ticket dropshipping niches have drawn the most attention in recent years. Some people vouch for it, while others claim it’s too risky. Even others claim it’s too fraudulent to be a real business opportunity.

So, who can you trust? The core approach is the same, but there are some differences in terms of product categories, and potential profits.

This article will define high ticket dropshipping niches, examine their pros and cons, and provide you with a list of the top 7 most profitable niches for this type of dropshipping.

  • High ticket dropshipping niches include expensive and high-quality products, which come with greater profits.
  • There are 7 popular high ticket dropshipping niches that are ideal to enter, including Health & Beauty care, Pet products, Men’s clothing, etc.
  • Just like any other business model, selling high ticket dropshipping niches have both benefits and drawbacks that you should know before getting started.

What Is A High Ticket Dropshipping Niche?

High ticket dropshipping niche is a niche where the products are higher in price and can be sold with a larger profit margin,  usually more than $200.

It has better quality and less impulse buying than low ticket dropshipping niches. The phrase “high ticket” relates to the things you offer and their price range.

Although there is no defined price range, high ticket items could be classified as those that sell for $200 to $15,000 or more. High ticket dropshipping niches differ from conventional (or “low ticket”) dropshipping niches in three ways in particular:

Overall, in contrast to low ticket dropshipping niches where you are constrained within a very limited profit margin to preserve the marketability of the products, high ticket dropshipping niches offer more significant profit margins and better pricing options.

Top High Ticket Dropshipping Niches That You Should Try In 2023

Finding the correct niche and high-quality products is crucial for developing a high ticket dropshipping business. 

Here are a few high ticket dropshipping niches that are popular with both buyers and sellers, along with the high ticket products that go with them:


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Now, let’s go into detail:

1. Health & Beauty Care

Examples of Health & Beauty Care niche

The health and beauty care industry is one of the most lucrative high-ticket dropshipping niches in 2023. This niche is expected to generate revenues of close to $600 billion in 2023 and $670 billion in 2026.

Notably, there are numerous suppliers to choose from in this market for dropshipping products. To be clear, you can sell a good selection of all different sorts of health and beauty care goods because you have the choice to source from several suppliers.

Additionally, you can persuade your audience to buy other things in bundles. Particularly, the items in these bundles will work well together and can be used in a certain cosmetic routine. Therefore, customers can make use of a complete routine set of items. These purchases will consequently raise your average order value and profit margins.

But first, you must investigate which goods are most popular in this market. The following are the top sellers in the health and beauty care market:

2. Pet Products

Examples of Pet Products niche

Pet supplies will be the next attractive option for your dropshipping business in 2023. It should be noted that it is also one of the most profitable dropshipping niches overall. There is a sizable and expanding industry for pet products.

The epidemic has also resulted in people spending more time at home and less time traveling. Consequently, pet ownership rates have increased significantly. As pet owners spend so much time with their pets, they are looking for goods that would make them happier.

There are countless categories for you to sell. So, you now need to determine which products are doing well inside this niche. These bestsellers must be included:

3. Men’s clothing

Examples of Men’s clothing niche

Fashion is one of the high ticket dropshipping niches that is always in demand, although it is frequently and mostly linked with women. Men’s fashion is one of the best dropshipping niches, nevertheless, and is expected to generate $568.90 billion in revenue by 2023.

Particularly, the men’s fashion market is less crowded than the women’s. Thus, the competition won’t be as fierce, and you’ll be able to grow your company.

That said, you will be able to stand out from the competition and draw customers. Furthermore, there are never any sluggish periods but an everlasting need for “fashion” things.

Be mindful that men’s fashion trends can also shift quickly, so you must work hard to catch up and remain relevant. In light of this, we give you a little help with the following top-selling items in the current men’s fashion market:

👉 Based on your interests:

4. Furniture

Examples of Furniture niche

By 2025, the global furniture market is anticipated to reach $718.3 billion. Several causes, including increased disposable income, the desire of customers to sometimes spice up their home décor, and most notably the COVID-19 pandemic impact, are driving the expansion of the furniture sector.

People have been staying at home more both during and after the outbreak. They have put a lot of effort into creating a nice and comfortable home. As a result, the niche market for furniture and home decor has seen significant growth.

You may want to take advantage of this growing demand for this niche of dropshipping products at this time.

Besides, the furniture and home décor niche is a great option because it provides a lot of expensive items. That means you can greatly boost your earnings even when you sell less.

To be clear, you can price products competitively to get larger profit margins even when they have higher costs. Eventually, you will increase your revenue while simultaneously remaining competitive.

Now, you need to identify your winning products to capitalize on the furniture and home décor niche’s profitability. So let’s find out the market’s most lucrative and alluring products:

5. Automotive Accessories

Examples of Automotive Accessories niche

Another option in the best high ticket dropshipping niches for 2023 is automotive accessories. This market was worth $522 billion in 2022, making it one of the most appealing dropshipping niches.

Since the automobile accessories market is a billion-dollar one, it makes sense that you should dropship in this niche. Additionally, it has a fantastic and distinctive range of goods that you can choose to offer.

Furthermore, since the majority of people now own automobiles, a sizable and stable market exists for automobile parts and accessories.

Having said that, take out your pen and write down these top items to dropship in the automotive accessories niche:

6. Jewelry & Watches

Examples of Jewelry niche

Jewelry and watches will be the next-best high ticket dropshipping niches in 2023. It is anticipated that the worldwide jewelry market will reach $19.88 billion in 2024. Items in the jewelry and accessories niche will always be in demand.

Jewelry and watches are fantastic options when people are looking to buy something for themselves or locate the ideal present for a friend or family member. Therefore, you can target those customers who want a good piece of precious things.

In addition, people frequently buy jewelry and watches over the holidays, whether it’s for Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day, or Christmas. Hence, there is a year-round demand for them.

Examples of Watches niche

On top of that, expensive products like jewelry and watches might significantly increase your revenues. Therefore, it’s crucial to promote them effectively to your target demographic.

To ensure success in this niche, you must make sure to stock the hottest things, such as:

7. Consumer Electronics

Examples of Consumer Electronics niche

Naturally, consumer electronics is one of the high ticket dropshipping niches with year-round demand. Apparently, as of 2020, electronics accounted for 22% of all eCommerce sales.

Plus, there will always be a need for the newest, finest items as technology is continuously evolving and people will feel the need to upgrade when new electronics are released. Thanks to the constant demand, this niche is ideal for making sustainable profits.

Thus, entering the consumer electronics market is a solid way to boost sales for you in 2023. Yet, you have to decide wisely which items to list on your dropshipping site. So, let’s look at some of the top items in this niche:

The Pros and Cons of High Ticket Dropshipping Niches

High ticket dropshipping niches, as one might expect, offer sweet benefits for those who can pull it off. But they have risks and limitations, just like any other business model. Let’s have a look:

Pros of high ticket dropshipping niches

1. Minimal overhead costs

You don’t need to run a warehouse or hire as many employees when you have a high-ticket dropshipping business compared to a physical one. This implies that you can sell goods right away without having to recruit anybody at first or prepare a location to serve as your storeroom or warehouse.

Practically, it helps you avoid some overhead costs and gain more profits!

2. Ultimate flexibility

As you all know, running your own business gives you some freedom to manage your time. However, is your line of work so tied to a certain region that you are unable to leave it?

If so, switching to dropshipping is certainly necessary. With high-ticket dropshipping, you can run your business from anywhere in the world and still make a ton of money.

3. Lower customer support volume

You cannot afford to provide poor customer service today. However, if you’ve ever managed an online store, you are aware of how much time customer service takes.

You’ll probably receive fewer orders while adopting high ticket dropshipping niches. As a result, you won’t need to invest as much time or money as you would with a conventional high-volume, low-margin dropshipping business.

Without jeopardizing the quality of your service, you’ll have more time to concentrate on expanding the other facets of your business.

Besides, contrary to conventional dropshipping businesses, which tend to ignore some customers’ messages, you get to fully attend to your customers’ problems in this situation. As a consequence, the consumers are not left in a tense situation.

4.  Greater profit from every sale

Selling in high ticket dropshipping niches typically entails higher profit margins per transaction.  If your margin is 30% and you are selling a home theater package for $500, for instance, you will make around $150 from each sale.

Compare that to selling cheaper things. With the same 30% margin on a $20 pair of pants, your profit per sale will be a pitiful $6.

5. Engaging marketing efforts

Your marketing efforts can be more precisely targeted when you only sell a small number of expensive goods.

A high ticket store can target its messaging and offers to cater to one particular customer persona rather than the general dropshipping stores’ scattershot strategy.

As a result, optimizing your paid advertising is simpler, and you can give customers a more engaging buying experience.

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6. Sustainability

Traditional dropshipping typically involves selling the newest hot item until it gets too saturated before switching on to the next trend.

High ticket dropshipping niches, however, usually involve promoting less trendy goods. As a result, there will be less competition from other dropshippers for you.

However, it also means that you can concentrate on creating a long-term brand and customer base rather than just a Shopify store that will make you some quick cash.

Cons of high ticket dropshipping niches

1. More risks associated with each order

A $10 phone case getting lost in the shipment is usually not a huge problem. You can simply issue a refund for the customer. Yet, it’s a completely different matter if a $3,000 cooking appliance doesn’t show up.

What would happen? You might put yourself into a dilemma. Would you issue a refund or just run away from it? Whichever you choose, you will bear a significant loss in money and reputation.

You see, as the likelihood of earnings rises, so does the likelihood of losses when something goes wrong.

2. Not suitable for beginners

More advanced marketing strategies are necessary to sell in high ticket dropshipping niches. After seeing a Facebook advertisement, people don’t immediately purchase a $6,000 watch. To effectively promote your products to customers, you have a lot to do with your marketing tasks.

Due to this, selling expensive goods is not the ideal option for those just entering the world of eCommerce. You’ll probably succeed more with low-ticket dropshipping first if you don’t have any experience with branding or creating sales funnels.

3. Higher customer expectations

When selling a $3,500 table rather than a $20 bag item, the stakes are bigger. Customers will have the highest standards for product quality, customer service, on-time delivery, and shipping conditions.

If you can’t satisfy a customer’s expectations even once, you can lose them for good.

4. Smaller customer pool

Since you’ll be selling expensive goods, you can only target a smaller group of customers.

Each item customers buy is like an investment for them. That means you can’t count on having as broad a reach as with low ticket dropshipping, and you will see fewer repeat customers in a given time frame.

Final Words

There are many other niches you can explore as a dropshipper besides the high ticket dropshipping niches that we have covered above. Whatever niche you choose to work in, you should have an interest in it.

After all, your passion can make everything easier. It is hard to inspire others with enthusiasm if you are not genuine about the products you are selling in your business. Nothing is worse than trying to sell something you don’t care about.

Good luck!

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