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A Helpful Guide On Your Facebook Dropshipping Video Ads


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Advertising nowadays is not about giving wordy information and surreal images of the product to bluff the buyers anymore. It is about how satisfied the customers would get after purchasing your products, and this makes video advertising completely outweigh the traditional advertising methods.

Plus, videos can rapidly grab someone’s attention while going through social media, because many people simply will not take the time to read the fine print.

That means you’ll have to learn how to generate video commercials to stay competitive, and here is the guideline for your dropshipping video ads on Facebook. 

Why should you use dropshipping video ads on Facebook?

Digital marketing has taken over traditional marketing.

Advertising on social media, at a time when everyone uses social media, is absolutely a perfect idea to promote your dropshipping business, especially with Facebook. Why so?

Because the second-best place to find actionable insights, after Google, is Facebook. 

When you use a Facebook Business account, it will provide you with loads of information about your page’s engagement, as well as the ability to see which sorts of content have performed well with your audience. 

You should include that content in your video ad if you see that a certain style of the post (such as a product showcase) earns a lot more likes and shares than others. 

Facebook also provides specific demographic information about your audience, including things like location, relationship status, hobbies, and even house ownership status. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to develop your dropshipping video ads on Facebook, one of the most prominent social media platforms of all time!

How to promote your dropshipping video ads on Facebook

Facebook is the most effective of all the social media channels for advertising. Facebook is an excellent advertising platform with a large user base and a variety of demographics to target.

Facebook ads have a greater click-through rate than any other social media channel, both video and image ads on the platform are ideal for dropshipping businesses.

Many dropshippers tend to advertise on Facebook, and it’s easy to understand why. Facebook and its ads are responsible for 80% of all social referral traffic to e-commerce sites. Many e-commerce pros prefer Facebook’s video ads over its other ad formats.

Creating dropshipping video ads on Facebook

Creating ads on Facebook includes these steps:

  1. Create a Facebook business manager account

    Create a Facebook business manager account

  2. Create a Facebook ad account

    Facebook ad account

    Dropshipping video ads – Onecommerce

  3. Create a Facebook ad campaign.

    Choose Meta ads and Ads Manager

    Go to Ads Manager, select Campaigns, and Edit your campaigns.

    Facebook ads campaign

  4. Set your advertisement budget and bidding
  5. Create customized audiences and decide ad placements.

    Customize audience

The greatest part about Facebook Ads Manager is that it allows you to distribute ads and target audiences over a massive database of users. You may use Facebook to run a variety of different types of ads. Here is some information about them.

Types of Facebook ads:

Facebook In-stream video ads: 

These advertisements appear in the middle of a different video. They appear after 60 seconds of the primary video content being played on mobile devices. They’re most effective when they’re related to the main video’s content. 

You’ll need a highly interactive and engaging video to launch a successful Facebook dropshipping video ad campaign. You’ll have a better chance of converting your viewers into future clients if you design something intriguing.

Facebook In-stream video ads

Facebook Stories ads

It’s similar to Instagram’s story mode. It’s a smooth transition that the observer usually finds extremely natural. It lasts for only 24 hours, after which it will be archived and only you will be able to see it. However, you may tailor Facebook story advertising to your liking. 

Facebook Stories ads

Facebook Video Feed ads

These appear in the Facebook Video Feed between organic videos. When someone clicks to watch a video from their News Feed, this scrollable Video Feed emerges.

When going across your Facebook feed, you’ll notice in-feed dropshipping video adverts. Facebook video advertising can be placed next to other videos. These advertisements are displayed in the following environments:

Because people enjoy reading through social media, in-feed ads have a lot of clout on the network. It’s a fantastic approach to reaching out to your intended audience.

Facebook Video Feed ads

Facebook Marketplace video ads

Facebook Marketplace ads are one of the most popular ad types for e-commerce professionals. They display when a user is shopping on the Facebook Marketplace. They make it simple to foster promotions, relevant product offerings, and more.

Here’s an example of what it means to place an ad on Marketplace:

People who shop on Marketplace using the Facebook app on their phones will see your ad. By clicking on your dropshipping video ads, which shows alongside other comparable things and services, customers interested in your business can visit your website, app, or check details on Marketplace.

Tips on creating dropshipping video ads on Facebook

The simplest option to prevent wasting a lot of money on a Facebook dropshipping video ad campaign is to adopt a technique known as “split testing.” You can test all three variations of your video in the first phase of an ad campaign to discover which one converts the best.

Creating three different variations isn’t as difficult as it appears. In most situations, the first three to five seconds are the most noticeable change between the three videos. Following it, everything else might be the same. Determine which of the three dropshipping video ads will be your winning ad, and then use it to reach a larger audience.

Create your dropshipping video ads on Facebook

Audiences might be influenced by Facebook videos. Furthermore, Facebook Ads Manager is the stuff of advertisers’ dreams. It allows you to target your audience at any point in the buyer’s journey.

You don’t have to spend extra money on ads for people at the top of the funnel, but Facebook allows you to run ads that encourage warm audience members to buy. Dropshipping businesses can benefit greatly from Facebook marketing. It is inexpensive and assists you in locating the appropriate audience.

Wrapping up!

Facebook is a dynamic platform for dropshippers to advertise and stimulate business due to its user-friendly features and diverse advertising options.

Facebook might be one of the best platforms to aid your business, however, you can still optimize your advertising strategy by uploading your dropshipping video ads on other social media platforms also. 

Stay tuned to our blog for guides on dropshipping video ads on other social media in the near future! 

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