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Top 5 Etsy Banner Ideas You Should Know in 2023

Etsy banner ideas

Etsy banner ideas

Etsy banners are like mini billboards. They are the first thing that potential customers will see when they visit your Etsy stores, so it’s critical to make sure these banners look attractive to attract their attention. 

Sometimes, Etsy shop owners underestimate or undervalue the importance of a well-designed banner for their online store. However, a banner can make a difference in the appearance and feel of their store and help them stand out from the crowd.

If you are looking for some Etsy banner ideas, this blog can help you come up with some ideas for your own store.

How to make an Etsy banner on Canva?

There are a lot of apps that can help you come up with great Etsy banner ideas. One of them is Canva. It is an app with many options, tools, and templates that can customize your Etsy banner. Additionally, everyone can use Canva if they spend some time exploring it. 

Step 1: Open Canva

Open up Canva and start by searching for “Etsy Banners.”

Step 1: Open Canva

Step 2: Browse templates 

In this step, you can choose one of a hundred pre-made Etsy banner themes for your online store or start from scratch. The search function helps you find a template for every theme, layout, industry, or style preference.

Step 2: Browse templates

Step 3: Explore features

Next, you can add images, icons, drawings, stickers, and other visuals to your design by using the simple drag-and-drop feature. If you want to make your photographs stand out, you can use eye-catching backdrops, color schemes, fonts, and animations.

Step 3: Explore features

Step 4: Customize your banner

This step allows you to make your banner unique by uploading your photos, images, branding elements, or artwork. You may also try using various color schemes, resize images, change font styles, and experiment with your selected design.

Step 5: Publish & Share

When you are happy with your result, you can download your banner, save it as a JPG or PNG file, and then upload it to your Etsy page.

Top 5 Etsy banner ideas

Now, you know how to make an Etsy banner on Canva. So, are you ready to make one? Let’s check out these 5 unique Etsy banner ideas to get inspiration for your store!

Step 5: Publish & Share

Use a picture that says everything

PerpetualBlissCo is a great Etsy banner example of how to use a photo to attract customers. This picture really speaks to the customers about what the store is selling. The customers are also curious to learn more about the products because of the mysterious look of the banner. 

PerpetualBlissCo is one good example of some Etsy banner ideas

Another Etsy banner example is from WoodAllGood. It uses a single image to grab the visitors’ attention. The main emphasis of this Etsy banner from WoodAllGood is stunning photographs of wood and resin-made handcrafted jewelry.

WoodAllGood uses a stunning photo of wood and handcrafted jewelry on its banner

The photos are clear and stand out against the white background. As a result, this makes your customers want to look around the shop more.

Tell people what your Etsy shop is all about

An inspiring banner idea from ModParty shows people what its store is about. In this banner, the store divides it into 4 parts.

ModParty divides its banner into 4 parts

So, what do they include in this banner? The cover photo includes a collage-style banner with pictures of bridesmaids and the bride-to-be as well as pictures of beautiful gifts from the shop. 

CaitlynMinimalist also has the same Etsy banner idea. Its banner looks sleek and elegant. It also shows off the shop’s most popular small, personalized, hand-made jewelry pieces. 

CaitlynMinimalist shows off the store’s most popular personalized jewelry pieces

CaitlynMinimalist has used a carousel banner (known as Etsy plus), which lets her show off some of her best-selling items in the banner space of her Etsy shop. 

Show what value your customers will receive from your store

Most sellers on Etsy don’t pay enough attention to the key message of their stores. Therefore, if you have a unique selling point (USP), you must include it in your Etsy banner. 

If you have a unique selling point, you must include it in your Etsy banner

PureInvitation is a DIY and Handmade Designer Wedding Invitations store on Etsy. They have a clear and concise message “We are here to help you make an amazing first impression for your big day.” This message is a guarantee of what shoppers can expect from this store. 

Show off your free stuff

Everyone loves free gifts. So, adding free stuff to your Etsy banner makes it more appealing to your customers.

KDHSticker does a great job of listing all the free products that customers will get if they buy from this Etsy store. 

Adding free gifts to your Etsy banner can really attract your customers

DesignMyPartyStudio, one of the best-sellers in printable party items, uses carousel banners to show off some popular seasonal items. This Etsy shop’s banner is updated every few months to show what’s new and on sale for the season.

DesignMyPartyStudio uses carousel banners to show off some popular seasonal items

Add a quote to the banner of your Etsy shop

One of the best Etsy banner ideas is to use quotes on your banner. Using inspiring or fun quotes will definitely add some more personality to your brand. 

VantlerLeather is an Etsy store that sells personalized love bracelets and keychains. On its banner, it shows a picture of a couple wearing the bracelets and the phrase “The celebration of love,” which fits perfectly with the shop’s style.

One of the best Etsy banner ideas is to use quotes on your banner

Final words

If you’re getting started with your Etsy store or seeking to spruce up the appearance of your shop, you should have a look at these Etsy banner ideas. The right Etsy banner can make a big impact. So don’t forget to include this in your Etsy shop’s design when starting up or upgrading. 


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