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eBay Item Number: Easy Steps To Find In 5 Different Situations


“eBay item number” is one of the biggest concerns with both eBay sellers and buyers. This article may help you to find eBay item number easily and answer some asked frequently questions from eBay’s users.

eBay item number, what is it?

The eBay Item Number is a 12-digit unique identifying number assigned to each listing posted by a seller. This applies to both auction and buy-it-now items. This number can be seen on every single eBay listing.

It is distinct by listing rather than the product. For instance, if you and another seller both list the same item (even if you do so at the same time), each listing will retain its own item number.

When a listing is created, eBay generates these numbers automatically. Shoppers will be able to see the listings once they go up.

Once you’ve got an item number, you may use it to search eBay for that specific item. It is possible to sort by item number by heading to “Advanced search” and selecting the option “Sort by item number”.

Because the shopper will be required to submit it, this might be especially handy for easy communication when there is an issue with the order.

eBay item number and easy steps to find it

We will inform some simple steps for you to find your eBay item number in many situations.

This is the way for desktop users to find their eBay item number:

And below is how the mobile users can find their eBay item number:

Follow is the method for those who want to find their eBay item number after a purchase:

If you’ve made a purchase, you can get the item number for the things you bought in a few places:

Furthermore, if you’ve been making bids or adding products to your wishlist, you’ll be able to find these items (and their numbers) in the My eBay drop-down menu.

For merchants, you can follow the below guideline to find your eBay item number:

Sellers can find their item numbers on their current listings or for their sold items by going to My eBay > Sold

If you are a seller and you seek the eBay item number for the products you’ve sold, this is how to do it:

You’ve sold an item and want to make certain that you received the exact payment for the correct item. You can do this in one of two ways: on eBay or via PayPal.

To do this on eBay:

To do this through PayPal:

You will need to check your Instant Payment Notification (IPN). Included in the information provided through the IPN is your item’s eBay number.

How important is the eBay item number? 

Any post-purchase communication must contain the listing’s item number.

As a seller, you can use the item number to:

A tip for sellers giving a better buying experience is to include a packing list when shipping the order where you can also include the item number for easy access. 

eBay buyers can also use this eBay item number in the future if they’re wanting to buy the same item again or find the seller they originally purchased from.

They’re different from other unique product Identifiers in that they’re only for eBay and are only used once (or for one listing), yet they’re critical to eBay’s ecosystem.

Does eBay have other unique identifires?

Besides the item number, other unique product identifiers are used in eBay listings, but for a different purpose.

Unique product identifiers are unique to each individual item and are the same across online channels and physical stores.

eBay item numbers are largely used for internal management and are specific to each listing (not item). 

Moreover, unlike the item number, sellers would be required to submit their own unique identifiers.

It’s time for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)!

#1 Is there an eBay item number on every listing?

Yes, every live listing has an item number, which can be found in the “Description” box for desktop users and the “About this item” part for mobile users.

#2 Do I have to create the item number myself, or does eBay?

Sellers cannot create item numbers for their listings because they are automatically generated by eBay once a new listing is created. Obviously, if you are a buyer, you can not, too!

#3 Is the number generated based on the categorization of the item or some other criterion?

eBay sellers speculated on any potential category behind the numbers, but nothing was confirmed.

#4 Are eBay item numbers always the same length?

Yes, the eBay item number will always be 12 digits (unless that’s updated by eBay). When eBay first started out they were only 10 numbers, but there haven’t been any recent updates to this.

#5 As a seller, should I keep track of my item numbers?

You’ll be able to access them through your eBay account. However, if you want to keep your own records (or use it to manage how you ship), you may keep it in a spreadsheet.


You must have the item number of the listing in question in order to contact eBay about it. 

Item numbers are used to identify items for sale, track packages, manage complaints, and otherwise handle the disposition of an item. eBay also allows users to search the site using item numbers. 

For those former reasons, obviously, the eBay item number is pretty important for both eBay sellers and buyers. Hence, keep it carefully if you are a seller and if you want to buy this item again as a buyer, remember these digits! We wish you have a good time with eBay!


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