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How to Change Your Twitter Handle or Username in 2023

How to Change Your Twitter Handle or Username in 2022

Every Twitter account needs an update once in a while. You can change your profile picture, cover image, or bio.

But did you know?

Many platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, do not allow you to change your username frequently. However, there is no limitation on the Twitter handle or username.

Read this article to discover how to change your Twitter handle or username now!

Where to find your Twitter handle or username?

The name connected with your Twitter account is known as your Twitter handle. Its purpose is to find your Twitter account, tag you in posts, and send you direct messages.

Additionally, to find your Twitter handle, log into your Twitter account and open your profile page. Your handle is the name that starts with the @ sign, just below your profile picture.

Your Twitter handle starts with the @ sign, and the username is above it

Moreover, your username is another aspect of your account that you might want to change. You can see that name right on your Twitter handle.

The difference between your Twitter handle and username is that your username may be similar to other Twitter users. Your handle is unique to your Twitter account. Unlike your handle, your Twitter username can be up to 50 characters long.

Why should you change your Twitter handle or username?

You can change your Twitter handle and username as much as you like. But why should you?

The first reason is that you may not feel like your username is right for you anymore. If you’ve owned the same Twitter account for years, you might want to change your username to something more appropriate.

The second reason is that if you want to leave Twitter, you should change your Twitter handle before deleting your account. It is because you’ll probably want to use the same Twitter handle when you open a new account on this platform.

There is no limit to changing your Twitter handle or username

Furthermore, Twitter will delete your username and email when you delete your account, making it impossible for you to use them again in the future. 

Therefore, you can keep your original Twitter username for future use by changing it before you delete your account.

Finally, your Twitter account, including your followers, messages, and replies, won’t be affected if you change your username or handle. 

At the same time, the updated user information will appear on your profile page under your profile picture when you change your Twitter handle or username.

How to change your Twitter username 

In your account settings, you can change your username whenever you like. Depending on whether you’re using a desktop computer or a mobile application, the steps can be different.

To change your username on Twitter by using the mobile app, you can follow the steps below.

Click this icon to access your profile page

Click here to navigate to your profile

Click here to edit your profile

Enter your new username here

Click save when you’re done

Follow these simple steps below to change your Twitter username on your desktop.

This is Twitter’s web interface

Click here to open your Profile

Select the Edit Profile

Your username can be up to 50 characters long

Click Save

How to change your Twitter handle

The process of changing your Twitter handle is as easy and quick as changing your username. You can change your Twitter handle using either your web browser or mobile app.

Here are 6 steps to change your Twitter handle by using the mobile app.

Click the icon to open the menu

Select “Settings and privacy”

Select “Your account”

Tap the “Account information”

Click here to choose your new Twitter handle

Now you have your new Twitter handle

Follow these steps to change your Twitter handle on your desktop.

Change your Twitter handle on your desktop with easy steps

Click the three dots icon to the next step

Click “Settings and privacy” to the “Your account”

You will see the interface of the editing section like this

Enter your password

It is very simple, right

Twitter will suggest you some other account names

While your Twitter handle should be unique, it doesn’t have to be a version of your name. It can be anything you like, from a nickname you got at school to a random set of numbers and characters.

An important thing to remember here is that if you have a verified account on Twitter, changing your Twitter handle can make you lose your verification badge, and you will have to go through the verification process again.

What if your Twitter handle is taken?

What if the Twitter handle you want is already being used by someone else? Here are several options for you:

If your company has a trademark, you can submit a complaint with Twitter by selecting the “Report” button and reporting that account to Twitter.

Additionally, you can contact Twitter if your preferred handle is being owned by an inactive user. You can copy or screenshot any tweet from a fake account to show that they have used your name or company without permission.

Keep in mind that buying and selling Twitter handles is against Twitter’s rules. It will lead to the removal of your account.


Now you know how to change your Twitter handle or username on your mobile phone and desktop with just a simple step.

In addition, changing the Twitter handle can also make your personal brand more recognizable on Twitter.

So, if you’ve changed your Twitter handle or username before, let us know what the reason was. And share your Twitter experience with us in the comments below.


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