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Top 12 AliExpress Trending Products You Don’t Want to Miss!

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AliExpress trending products

Are you going to open an online store and seeking for products to sell on AliExpress – one of the biggest global marketplaces? Then this list of the top 12 AliExpress trending products will help you out.

To make your store a success, you’ll need two things: high-demand trending products to sell and the ability to market them. This blog will assist you with the first one!

When starting an online store, the first and foremost thing you have to do is choose which products to sell. You definitely want to choose products in high demand that people will definitely purchase. However, there are so many possibilities that it may get you overwhelmed. So let us assist you with that difficulty.

Top 12 AliExpress Trending Products

#1. TWS (True Wireless System) Bluetooth Earphones

“Wireless” technology has been known for years, but it has recently received significant attention from the general public and mass media. Most of this is due to the fact that such devices are now affordable to a large number of people. The graph below shows the change in interest in wireless earphones over the last year:

TWS bluetooth earphones popularity level – one of AliExpress trending products

According to consumer research, the market for wireless headphones will expand by 12.3% between 2019 and 2025. One reason for this is that many smartphones are no longer designed with headphone jacks. 

Furthermore, more consumers love the convenience of wireless gadgets, making it one of the top AliExpress trending products of all time. This type of earphone can be connected to any mobile phone having a Bluetooth function.

Currently, the TWS Wireless Bluetooth earphones is’s most popular product. It’s worth a try if you want to provide your consumers with something new and innovative. The set includes earplugs in three different sizes. In order to provide the best possible user experience, it has the simplest pairing method.

#2. Phone cases

Due to the fact that phones are always being dropped off and so forth, phone cases have become highly popular online. Many individuals use phone cases to protect their phones and personalize them as lifestyle accessories. As a result, search inquiries for phone cases are consistently high.

Google Trends indicates that phone cases have grown in popularity over the past five years. One thing to remember as an e-store owner is that they are always in high demand, hence this product is always the top AliExpress trending product.

Popularity level of Phone cases is shown through Google Trend

More than that, according to Statista, almost 1.5 billion cellphones were sold per year in the last five years. Take a look at how many people you’re going to reach!

If you’re not so sure about selling phone cases in your online store because you don’t think it’s a promising e-commerce niche, examine the number of orders on AliExpress. You can see that the number is quite on the trending rise. 

Following that, mobile phone cases are a fantastic product idea for your e-commerce business!

#3. Screen protectors and films

Damage to your screen is much easier than you might imagine. Carrying your phone in a bag, backpack, or pocket with coins or keys can easily generate scratches on the screen, which will weaken the original display’s integrity and increase the likelihood of cracks.

Because of this, everyone’s phone will require the use of a screen protector to serve as a shield to prevent scratches and other damage. People buy these cases to protect their expensive cell phones and to guarantee them. 

On AliExpress, this item is always a top-selling one. Google data clearly shows that phone screen protectors are in high demand in the market.

The demand for Screen protectors and films is always in need and stable

#4. Wireless charging stations

Another top-selling item will be portable wireless charging stations because of the convenience and portability they offer their users. Basically, you don’t have to rely on the location of the power plugs thanks to them. 

As a result, charging your smartphone, tablet, or another electronic device has never been easier. It’s no secret that the convenience of wireless charging stations is growing in popularity. 

This product has been on the top AliExpress trending products list recently since the number of sold items for this product on AliExpress is quite high with lots of people interested in it. 

Search volume of Wireless charging stations is pretty high

#5. Magnetitic phone holder

People can attach their phones to surfaces such as desks and car dashboards with the help of this good – phone holders. Multitasking will be much easier for office employees with a phone holder. Moreover, drivers can safely access their phone screens while behind the wheel with the help of a phone holder.

Then, the magnetitic phone holder is an innovative version of this product, which is in high demand among buyers and seeing rapid sales growth. It can adapt to many phone lines. When a consumer wishes to use GPS, this is the best choice they can use in the car. 

Magnetitic phone holder popularity level is increasing which makes it one of AliExpress trending products

Is there anything you’ll enjoy about it? Using this phone holder, you may have your phone locked and unlocked in less than a second. Customers can use their phones with just one hand thanks to the magnetitic holder’s 4 built-in magnets and 360-degree rotation universal car mounts.

#6. Nail gel and décor 

On, nail gel and décor are popular women’s fashion goods as well. 

When it comes to hand and foot decor, women and young girls, in particular, are big fans of the most eye-catching nail polish colors. Thus, they are unable to resist the temptation of purchasing this glossy, high-quality nail polish and matching nail decor.

With the need always available and a wide range of options for colors, patterns, and styles, this is one of AliExpress trending products that could be a consideration for your e-store product.

Nail decor and gel popularity level is quite fluctuated but still high all the time

#7. Ashwagandha supplements

Adaptogens, such as ashwagandha, is gaining popularity as a means of assisting the body’s response to stress. It may potentially have anti-cancer qualities (according to certain research). It’s available in many forms from pills to candy to powder.

Ashwagandha’s search volume has climbed dramatically over the past few years. Google searches for this phrase continued to rise after the first big spike in mid-2020, peaking at the beginning of 2022. Obviously, it will be on the top AliExpress trending products list.

Ashwagandha supplements’ popularity level – one of AliExpress trending products – is on the rise

You can help your online business by writing educational content about the health benefits of this “super herb,” as well as finding sources of health and wellness social media influencers who can help you spread the word about it.

#8. Air humidifiers

People with certain medical conditions can greatly benefit from the addition of moisture to the air provided by an air humidifier. By using this product, people can alleviate some of the symptoms of COVID-19 like dry skin, throat dryness, and allergies.

The demand for humidifiers has increased as the cold, dry weather lingers in many regions of the world. Using data from Google Trends, you can see that humidifier is a popular seasonal product.

Air humidifier popularity level increases rapidly

These days, on AliExpress, humidifiers come in all shapes, sizes, and various features, with many models that are extremely eye-catching.

#9. Household led lighting – LED Strip

LED is one of the most energy-efficient light sources available today. In addition, LED lighting has made it possible to have a blue, red, or yellow light – any color you want. A lot of people use this product to decorate their homes and enhance the appearance of their living spaces.

That’s why smart LED strips are important! You can choose the color of light by using your smartphone. Meanwhile, this AliExpress top-selling item is considered inexpensive. In other words, this is a promising item for your online store.

LED strip popularity level has been quite high in recent years

#10. Water bottles

Buying and selling reusable water bottles online is one of the most popular trends. 

With environmental worries over single-use plastics, many people are now choosing to use water bottles in their daily lives.

Water bottles’ popularity level is pretty high making it always in the top AliExpress trending products list

For that reason, smart water bottles and collapsible cups have recently hit store shelves and become one of AliExpress trending products. And those that care about the environment are the primary demographic for this product.

#11. Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speakers are a hot fad right now, and they’re also becoming increasingly common. 

It is another popular choice on It’s even better if you acquire one with an in-built microphone system. Have a look at this one.

Popularity level of Bluetooth speaker is fairly high

Almost everyone can benefit from music as a kind of therapy. Consider this Bluetooth speaker with a built-in microphone. They are noted for their outstanding bass and high-quality sound. With an affordable price and attractive features, this product is proving to be included in top AliExpress trending products.

#12. Inflatable sofa bags

On, an inflatable sofa bag, a new and innovative product, ranks at the top of AliExpress trending products list. A sleeping sofa is included in this revolutionary bag, which is made of high-quality inflated material. When you’re on the road, it’s very useful for camping.

Inflatable sofa bag popularity level is always in high demand during vacation seasons

When it comes to this product, what do you like best? This inflatable sofa weighs just 600 grams, making it an easy-carried item. Customers may relax and have fun while camping with this sofa. To top it all off, the bag is available in a wide variety of vibrant colors and can withstand a weight of up to 300 kg.

What’s innovative? This bag can be filled with air without the need for a pump; just open the lounger’s mouth. Also, because it is constructed entirely of nylon, this bag is waterproof.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, we have listed the top AliExpress trending products that are going to rocket in sales online. We hope that you can find among them one ideal product for your e-store. 

It is beneficial to buy trending products from AliExpress since it is the leading platform for offering high-quality goods at affordable prices. For more specific, visit the homepage of, then click on categories from the right side of the page. And you will see best-sellers listed under each category. 

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