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Swift V3.5.1: Boost Google PageSpeed Insights Score With Optimize Theme

If you run a business and know how important it is for your website to load quickly, you have one obvious goal: to keep improving your page’s performance. Using Swift’s newest Optimize Theme engine makes speed-optimizing your store’s theme contents easier.

Why you need an Optimize Theme tool

Optimize Theme provides a stable experience and renders content to your customers faster with:

Keep in mind that Swift allows you to automate the process of optimizing the theme. Simply activate it, and your store will be automatically optimized.

Work on your “Optimize Theme, Happily Ever After”

Optimize Theme can help you speed up your store by helping you optimize critical and complicated tech parts.

New Optimize Theme Engine For A Blazing-Fast Website

Start a load of optimization steps that will speed up your site, improve its speed scores, and outperform competitors without coding.

Upgrade now

*Important note: Whether you optimize the theme manually or automatically, you must preview and publish it after the preview. This is to guarantee your satisfaction with the outcomes.

To sum up

We made sure that all merchants could readily take advantage of our technology. Swift is a powerful app that can help you improve store performance without any coding skills. 

If you have trouble setting up, don’t hesitate to talk to us on live chat or contact us at

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