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QCY Brazil’s Revenue Grew By 20% Thanks To TrueProfit

QCY Brazil – Who are they? 

QCY is an exclusive Brazilian brand that sells earphones, established back in 2009. After years of running, QCY is now proud to be one of the top 5 global wireless earphone brands.

Wireless earphones have been one of the hottest trends in recent years with so many brands on the market. People love these goodies because they are designed to fit our ear canal and bring a great sounding effect to users.

Wireless headphones are becoming increasingly popular, particularly among college students. Their design encourages convenience and simplicity, two qualities that make wireless headphones marketable and in high demand.

The advantages of wireless headphones continue to pique the interest of consumers. The most obvious distinction between the two is the greatest advantage of wireless headphones – they have no wire. 

The fact that users don’t have to worry about getting tangled in the wires of your headphones is perhaps the most significant advantage. Furthermore, because of the Bluetooth connection, users do not have to hold their phones. Wires, for example, do not obstruct users’ hands or workspace.

With a great understanding of the market trend, the founder decided to bring the QCY brand to Brazil back in 2019. Once being launched, the company quickly gained popularity with various colors, designs, and high-quality items. 

We brought the QCY brand to Brazil in 2019, and in a short time, we gained traction and became the best brand operation in the world. We are largely responsible for all TOP3 achievements since 2020 in world export numbers related to Bluetooth headphones.

Renan Alves - Executive Director of QCY Brazil


In early 2020, the coronavirus pandemic began to ramp up and countless businesses had no choice but to shut down. Luckily, QCY was able to survive after the pandemic and continued to thrive. 

At this point, the brand continues to break the record in the industry with constant innovations. 

What problems did they run into?

As the brand gets bigger, the company struggles with data visualization. 

To be more specific, the brand started to produce more types of earphones and gained more conversions. There comes a bunch of profit management issues. 

At first, they use spreadsheets to manage all their business data, which has its own pros and cons:

Free options available (ex: Google sheet,…)A large amount of data can be very difficult to interpret and take very long to put into the sheets
A wide range of formulasMissing, inaccurate, or inadequate data risks are high due to manual work
Allow multiple users to access collaborations for freeLack of security
Intuitive interfaceSyntax errors are difficult to spot, especially for inexperienced users
 Just one incorrect cell can throw off all related calculations and result in incorrect reporting
 According to studies, nearly 90% of spreadsheets contain at least one error, and even the most meticulously prepared spreadsheets contain errors

As you might have noticed, the cons of using spreadsheets actually outweigh the pros. Therefore, it’s a MUST for QCY to find a solution that can help them automate the whole process, visualize all the ins and outs of their business and solve their financial problems. 

We've needed a data visualization application to track analytics, analyze massive amounts of information, and make data-driven decisions while building business

Renan Alves - Executive Director of QCY Brazil

They found the solution – TrueProfit

Knowing exactly what they need – a tool to help them visualize all data in form of intuitive graphs and charts, QCY Brazil started looking for a suitable solution. 

After testing out a few options on the market, QCY found TrueProfit. At first, they didn’t expect much since the app is so affordable compared to other alternatives with the same functionality.

During the free trial, the team is completely taken aback by how easy the tool is to use and it simply is everything they ever wanted. 

TrueProfits helps QCY put all their data together, and visualizes all their revenues and expenses with a centralized dashboard. This is crucial to their business growth since the brand is expanding at a mind-blowing speed, if they don’t pay attention to profit tracking, they might be losing money without being conscious of it. 

The platform brought a real experience and quick understanding of the business, leaving our entire team able to make decisions in real-time. Through it, we were able to make our marketing actions more effective, and monitor all the company's results.

Let’s take a look at what QCY Brazil has leveraged from TrueProfit:

When they go inside of the app and navigate to the Analytic Dashboard, they can see all their ins and outs from revenue to total cost, net profit, ad spends, shipping costs, etc. which are sorted in a neat order right here. 

By default, the app will automatically compare the data with the corresponding period to show users how well the business is doing. 

Of course, the team can choose any time range they want to see the data and compare it with any period to their liking. 

As you can see from the chart, on the 7th of April 2022, QYC Brazil gained a total of $1.466 in revenue, which is quite an impressive number. Yet, this number is 66.96% lower than the previous day. 

Just to emphasize one more time, keeping close track of these numbers is of utmost importance to any business since it allows entrepreneurs to take necessary actions to improve or fix any situation. 

Nowadays all social channels are somehow “forcing” us to pay to get reach and impressions. Therefore, sponsorship or paid advertising on social networks is one of the biggest parts of running any business. 

From the same dashboard, TrueProfit allows you to manage all your ad spending in one place. The app integrates seamlessly with almost all social channels that you could have your presence on such as Facebook, Bing, Google, Snapchat, TikTok and so many more!

Wait, still not convincing enough? TrueProfit even allows you to manage your shipping cost without breaking a sweat since it comes with dynamic shipping cost settings. All you need to do is add a flat rate or set super-advanced shipping rules based on countries and products and enjoy a precise shipping cost calculation. 

We asked Renan – the executive director of QCY Brazil about his experience with TrueProfit so far, he said it was absolutely phenomenal so far without any hesitation. Moreover, Renan also shared that after a few months of using the app, their revenue has uplifted by 20% and the number is continuing to grow. 

Final words

Keeping up with all the emerging trends and technology is no easy feat in the ever-changing eCommerce landscape. Packed with powerful features, TrueProfit helps merchants extract actionable insights from the data to deliver seamless analytic solutions.

According to the data collected until now, QYC attained an impressive percentage of 20% revenue growth compared to the same period. “How likely are you to recommend our product to your circles or someone with similar business challenges? Yes – Renan filled up the survey.

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