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How to Hack Facebook Account Easily in 2023

How to hack Facebook

How to hack Facebook

Facebook is a free and popular social networking site that allows users to interact and share posts with their friends and family. Because Facebook is such a popular social networking site, hackers are more interested in hacking your Facebook account.

In this article, we will be discussing some common ways to hack someone’s Facebook.

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How to hack Facebook account? Simple ways to hack someone else’s Facebook

#1. Using “reset the password” to hack someone’s Facebook 

You may use the “Reset Password” feature on Facebook to gain access to someone’s account. This method is entirely manual and does not need the installation of any software. So how to hack Facebook by resetting passwords?

The steps for using the “Reset Password” technique are as follows:

Click “Forgot password” on their login page. More prompts to take action will appear if you tap on the popup.

How to hack Facebook: Using the “Reset Password” feature is a way to hack Facebook

Facebook will ask for your recovery email address in order to send you a link to reset your password. You’ll need to click “No longer have access to these” since you might not have access to the email address.

Next, the browser will then prompt you for another email address. You’ll need to provide an email address that isn’t linked to the Facebook account you’d want to monitor.

Click “No longer have access to these” since you might not have access to the email address

You’ll be given a few questions to verify that the account associated with the password you’re trying to change is yours. It will be easy to predict the correct answers if you know the target user well enough.

If you don’t succeed in the previous stage, you can use your friends to help you reset the password. In this case, you’ll choose three friends and establish fake Facebook accounts in their names. Because Facebook will contact those “friends” for confirmation.

You will receive an email message to the alternate email address you provided after completing the previous phases. Then, You may reset the password and gain access to the account you want to monitor.

#2. Using keylogging software to hack Facebook account

Another simple way to answer the question of how to hack Facebook account is to use keylogger software. A keylogger is used to record keystrokes on another person’s phone, allowing their Facebook login credentials to be intercepted.

You must install the software directly on the user’s device to gather passwords and other credentials. After you’ve set up the app, it will record and send you everything the user inputs on their phone.

To use keylogger software effectively, you can follow these steps:

Search the internet for keylogging software and select the one that best matches your needs.

Search the internet for keylogging software

Install the software on the device you want to monitor. Before using any keylogging service, make sure the app is active.

After installing and verifying the app, go into the control panel of your software and check the program’s acquired passwords. A good program will record all of the passwords used on the user’s devices as well as screenshots of their most recent interactions. Although there are various free keyloggers available online, we do not recommend using them. Free apps are insecure and might harm your device. Consider investing a few dollars in a trustworthy app if you want to discreetly watch someone’s Facebook.

#3. How to hack Facebook matching a password

This scheme relies on the negligence and naivety of Facebook users who choose weak, predictable passwords. However, because it completely depends on luck and someone’s ignorance, this method may not be as effective.

People frequently utilize dates and names that are significant to them. So, if you know enough about them, breaking the password should be rather simple. This usually contains information such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, spouses’ or children’s names, phone numbers, and so on.

#4. How to hack Facebook using cookies

Cookies are another approach to getting unauthorized access to someone’s Facebook account. The reason for this is that cookies allow websites to save information on a user’s hard drive so that it may be retrieved later. They also hold crucial information since they can track whole internet sessions.

Cookies are another approach to getting unauthorized access to someone’s Facebook account

As a result, if you utilize the same Wi-Fi network as the person you want to spy on, you may capture their data. You can clone them to fool Facebook into thinking the browser is already authorized, even if they won’t give you the person’s password.  This way, you’ll be able to go into the account and continue where they left off without being suspected. To keep cookies in a tab on the browser’s sidebar, you may utilize extension applications and add them to your browsers.

#5. Hack Facebook account when on the same WiFi

If you are wondering how to hack Facebook? You can also use public WiFi to hack someone’s Facebook.

When utilizing the same WiFi on Android devices, it is extremely simple for someone to get into your Facebook account. Hackers achieve this by intercepting web-session profiles made over various Wi-Fi networks and obtaining the victim’s private info using programs like Faceniff. 

This means they can access any Facebook account that is linked to the same WiFi network and do anything they want with it.

You can also have your Facebook account hacked when using the same public WiFi

By using HTTPS for any service where it is accessible, you may defend yourself against such a severe effort to hack your Facebook account. When using a public WiFi service in locations like coffee shops, restaurants, and airports, always use a VPN to protect your internet connection.

#6. Phishing to hack Facebook account

Phishing is another typical approach for hackers to get access to a Facebook account. Phishing is the practice of delivering fraudulent communications that appear to come from a trustworthy source. Hackers utilize this method to deliver a false page to the victim, and when they input their username and password, the hacker is automatically declared the winner of his Facebook account hacking mission.

Phishing is also an answer to the question how to hack Facebook

Using the social engineering toolkit currently included in operating systems like Kali Linux OS, hackers frequently employ phishing to hack Facebook accounts. From the same Local Area Network, they must send the phishing link to the victim (LAN). Any information entered by the victim will be saved in a file on the hacker’s computer.

Can Facebook Messenger be hacked?

Yes, once the hackers are able to get into your account, they can easily get all of the data associated with it in minutes. Because Messenger is a free mobile chat program created by Facebook, an attacker who can hack a Facebook account may also hack Messenger.

This is a severe threat because Messenger stores each user’s personal data, photographs, and videos.

How to hack Facebook Messenger: an attacker who can hack a Facebook account may also hack Messenger

Can someone hack a Facebook account with email?

When an attacker obtains access to your email, it can have grave consequences. This can give hackers access to all of your digital contact lists and, more significantly, opens the door to any email-connected accounts. The hacker would be able to quickly breach Facebook accounts using email in this manner.


Hacking into someone’s Facebook account may not be the most ethical thing to do, but it comes in handy when you need to get vital information quickly. But this article is not for any wrongdoing. If you misuse it, you could be prosecuted and you will be responsible for that.

Furthermore, if you need to monitor someone’s Facebook activity, you must utilize the appropriate approach and tools to avoid being noticed. The greatest Facebook spying methods are listed above, and you may use any of them for the most seamless monitoring.

If you have any further questions about how to hack Facebook, please contact us via the comment box below. 

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