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How to Cancel AliExpress Orders during Order Fulfillment

How to Cancel AliExpress orders in different scenarios (2022)

After making a purchase, there are some occasions when we second-guess ourselves and decide to cancel the transaction. First, keep in mind that the only time you will be able to cancel the order is if it has not yet been shipped. 

If the seller has already shipped the order, we will not advise you to cancel AliExpress order but rather dispute it or get a refund instead.

You are probably aware that the seller does not immediately ship the parcel after the order has been placed. AliExpress allows the seller a total of seven business days to prepare for shipping.  During this time, the status of your order will be “awaiting shipment” status and you still can cancel it.

On AliExpress, you can cancel an order for a number of different reasons, including: 

In the following, we will discuss how to cancel AliExpress orders in a variety of scenarios.

Cancel AliExpress orders at the checkout stage

During the time that the payment is being verified, or within the first few minutes after placing an order and paying for it, the order has the potential to be canceled immediately without the need for the seller’s approval. 

During that window of time, all you have to do is to click on the “Cancel order” button next to the order that you want to cancel. Then in the drop-down list, select one of the available options for canceling the order.

Click in the “Cancel order” button to cancel buying if you still not complete the payment

Cancel AliExpress orders when the payment has already been confirmed

On AliExpress, a paid purchase can only be canceled if the product has not yet been shipped by the seller to the buyer’s destination (this is reflected by the status: “Awaiting Shipping“). 

In order to cancel an order in this situation, you will first need to sign into your account (if you are already in, skip this), and next, select the order you want to cancel in the list of orders.

Then click the button “Request order cancellation”. This button is only available twenty-four hours after the purchase price of the product has been processed.

the “Request order cancellation” button is only available twenty-four hours after completing the payment

TIP: If you cancel the order on your own accord and do not ask for a refund, you should pick “I ordered the wrong item” as the reason for your cancellation. In this scenario, the seller will not face any sort of sanction or penalty from Aliexpress and accept your request.

“I ordered the wrong item” is the suggestion reason for your cancellation

Another situation is that if you want to cancel AliExpress orders after the payment has been confirmed and the seller had shipped your order, you can still do so, but the seller will have to agree to the cancellation.

And there is a chance that the vendor has already fulfilled the order, in which case they will not accept the cancellation.

In this particular scenario, we strongly suggest that you contact the seller by sending them a message through the “Contact seller” tab on the website.

In this part of the message, you are going to explain the reasons behind the order cancellation and ask them to accept it. You can get in touch with them either through their online store website or through the order process. 

Furthermore, it is critical to select “other reasons” as the reason for the cancellation request, as the remaining reasons may penalize the seller. From then, the e-store may reject your request as a result.

Shipment canceled by Seller or AliExpress

The meaning of this status is outlined below for your reference. In this circumstance, you don’t have to cancel AliExpress orders on your own. 

The following are the stages included in the process of working through AliExpress:

  1. AliExpress provides a tracking number for every package that is sent out (small package or parcel).
  2. The status of the order changes to “awaiting shipping” once the package is ready to be shipped by the seller.
  3. The shipping business comes to the warehouse to pick up the orders, and then they drive out along their own predetermined routes.

In the third scenario, a failure may take place. The package, for some reason, not be counted among the total number of shipments. 

In this scenario, the shipment’s track number will become invalid, and the customer will see a mark that reads “Shipment canceled” in the “My orders” section of their personal account.

If you see this, it means that your order was canceled by seller or AliExpress

It is also possible that the seller canceled the shipment on purpose for technical reasons, such as a discrepancy in the waybills, failing to meet the deadlines, and so on. 

In this circumstance, any issue is entirely the seller’s fault, and reimbursement is guaranteed in 99% of cases.

If the order is canceled, do I get my money back?

If your request to cancel AliExpress order was accepted, they will provide you a refund of any money you paid them. 

Even if you cancel the order immediately after it has been placed, AliExpress will still process the money first; as a result, you will have to wait a couple of days before AliExpress issues a refund to you.

You are able to check the status of your refund by navigating to the order, selecting “View details“, then select either the “Payment” or “Finance” tab.

I cancel AliExpress orders paid with a coupon, can I get it back?

When customers cancel AliExpress orders that were paid for with a coupon, their first concern is whether or not they will be able to get it back. To be honest, it is dependent on the kind of voucher you have. 

“Will my coupon be returned after I cancel AliExpress orders?” – a question of every customers after cancelling orders

For instance, if it was a coupon for AliExpress and it had been used on a number of different products, you might be able to get it back if all of the products for which the coupon had been applied to pay have been returned. 

However, if the coupon had a validity period, and that period has now gone, it is possible that you will not be able to receive it back.

Similarly, you may be unable to reclaim coupons from the seller or discounts obtained through a promotional code.

Change the shipping address after placing an AliExpress order

There is a possibility that you selected the incorrect shipping address, and AliExpress does not allow you to amend the delivery address on the order once it has been confirmed. You will want to cancel AliExpress orders.

If you are unsure what to do, the following points will assist you in better understanding how to deal with this circumstance.

1. Contact the seller

One of the simplest ways to correct this error is to contact the vendor personally and explain what went wrong. 

You can ask them to ship the order to the new address or, if the order is non-refundable, to cancel it so that a new order with the correct address can be placed.

2. Contact the courier 

Because the address cannot be modified, you can call the courier provider to find out where the parcel will be delivered.  It is determined by the shipping method you select and whether or not the product requires a signature upon arrival.

In short

Every order is important to the majority of vendors, which is why not all sellers are quick to agree to a cancellation request, particularly if the item has already been paid for. 

Despite this, the buyer always has the option to back out of the deal if they feel it’s necessary.

In any event, be careful while selecting items to buy and placing orders on AliExpress so that you never have to worry about the question of how to cancel AliExpress orders.

And if you have so, we are here to assist you with this blog!

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