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The A-Z Guide To Source AliExpress Dropshipping Products [2023]

The A-Z Guide To Source AliExpress Dropshipping Products - OneCommerce

The A-Z Guide To Source AliExpress Dropshipping Products - OneCommerce

Want to launch a dropshipping store that sources products from the AliExpress platform? You have come to the right place.

Discover the ideal AliExpress dropshipping products for your prosperous venture among AliExpress’ extensive collection of 100 million listings by perusing this article.

Here is a sneak peek at what we will walk you through today:

Let’s dive right in!

  • AliExpress dropshipping is a top pick for Shopify store owners because it offers a huge variety of products, low prices, easy setup, minimal risk, and global reach.
  • To find the top trending products on AliExpress manually, you can use six effective methods: researching the product category, checking out the ‘related items’ and ‘you may also like’ sections, doing product keyword research, choosing the best seller tabs, and exploring the more to love section.
  • Ali Hunter is a Chrome extension that helps you find top trending products on AliExpress by showing you product details, supplier performance, honest reviews, and other stores selling the same product.

An Overview of AliExpress Dropshipping Products

Before we show you how to find AliExpress dropshipping products, we think it is important that you understand what AliExpress truly is and how this platform can benefit your Shopify dropshipping store.

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress is a Chinese-based eCommerce marketplace that has gone all the rage since its debut in 2010. The platform is a home of over 100 million products in various categories, from fashion and electronics to health, beauty, and more.

But what makes AliExpress a favorite solution for businesses to source products for their dropshipping store?

Why source products from AliExpress for your Shopify dropshipping store?

Now, let’s talk about why AliExpress dropshipping is a top pick for folks who want to run a Shopify dropshipping store:

  1. Massive product variety: AliExpress offers a staggering 100 million products in all categories possible. You can sell everything from trendy fashion items to the latest tech gadgets without the hassle of managing inventory.
  2. Existing product images and reviews: A big plus of dropshipping AliExpress products is that stunning product images and reviews are already there– which you can import to your Shopify store.
  3. Low cost of goods: When you source from AliExpress, you often get products at incredibly low prices. Because you’re buying directly from manufacturers or wholesalers, you can mark up the prices in your Shopify store and still offer competitive rates.
  4. Easy to get started: Setting up your Shopify dropshipping store with AliExpress is a breeze. You don’t need to worry about manufacturing, packing, or shipping products. Your main job is to create a beautiful online store, pick the products you want to sell from AliExpress, and market them to potential customers.
  5. Minimal financial risk: With AliExpress dropshipping, you only purchase products when you’ve already made a sale and been paid by your customer. This “pay as you go” model significantly reduces financial risk.
  6. Global reach: AliExpress sellers are spread across the globe, meaning you can access products from multiple regions. This can be a unique selling point for your store, allowing you to offer customers a diverse range of items.

How To Find the Top Trending Products on AliExpress Manually?

Here are the six effective ways for you to find ‘hot’ AliExpress dropshipping products manually:

Let’s explore the details of each method!

#1. Research the product category on AliExpress

The first method is simple– visit the AliExpress website homepage and select a product category you are most interested in.

For example, if you’re into fashion jewelry, hover your mouse over Jewelry & Watches on the left sidebar menu > click ‘Fashion Jewelry’. Don’t forget to sort products by “Orders” to see what’s selling well in your research category.

Find dropshipping products with AliExpress categories

Also, remember to check ratings and reviews to gauge product quality and customer satisfaction with certain products.

#2. Check out the ‘Related items’ section

After viewing a product, scroll down to find the ‘Related Items‘ section. These are items directly related to the product you are viewing. For example, if you’re looking at a golden ring, this section will give you relevant ring-related items like silver, platinum, or vintage rings.

AliExpress’ related items show you products relevant to the one you’re viewing

#3. Get more ideas from the ‘You may also like section

Scrolling past the related items section, you will come across the ‘You may also like section’. This section is particularly helpful since it suggests AliExpress dropshipping products that are commonly purchased together with the item you are viewing, helping you identify complementary items to add to your store.

For example, if you are viewing a vintage ring, then the ‘you may also like’ section will tell you all the items that go well with that ring– like bracelets, charms, etc.

Hence, don’t miss out on this section if you want to expand your product line.

#4. Do product keyword research with the ‘People also searched’ section

Keep scrolling down to the bottom of the product page, you will find another insightful section that will give you some product ideas– ‘People also searched.’ This section provides insights into what shoppers are actively searching for, helping you target specific keywords and niches.

For instance, if you’re interested in selling kitchen gadgets, you might find keywords like “kitchen tools” or “cooking utensils.” in this section. Use these keywords for further product searches to uncover trending items related to what people are searching for.

This part will give you insights into what product keywords are related and which are performing well on the platform

#5. Choose the Best Seller tabs

For those seeking popular AliExpress dropshipping products, it’s worthwhile to explore the Bestseller section. You’ll discover some intriguing and innovative ideas to consider.

To access the AliExpress bestseller tab, navigate to the banner section in the middle of your screen, click on the slider until you see the ‘Bestseller’ banner > Click on it.

Bestseller banner on AliExpress homepage

Afterward, you will be brought to the Bestseller tab. Herein, you can have a quick glance into what products are selling like hotcakes.

AliExpress Bestseller tab will give you information about the hottest products

If you are interested in any product, click on that item and follow the 2,3,4 methods we show you above so you can have more ideas for AliExpress dropshipping products.

#6. Explore the ‘More to love’ section on the AliExpress homepage

Last but not least, after you have done your research on AliExpress dropshipping products for a while, navigate back to the homepage, scroll down a bit and you’ll see the ‘More to love’ section. This section features popular products based on what you have recently searched on the platform.

More product ideas to love with ‘More to love’

And that’s how easy it is to find AliExpress dropshipping products manually. However, if you want to have more product analytic insights so you can make a more educated decision, the manual approach might seem limited.

Thus, we will show you how to use Shopify apps to level up your process of hunting AliExpress dropshipping products.

How To Find Top AliExpress Trending Products With Ali Hunter?

When you conduct a product search on AliExpress, Ali Hunter offers a range of valuable information. It provides a summary of product details, supplier performance (including both positive and negative feedback), access to honest reviews and photos, and even displays other stores selling the same product.

Once you’ve installed the Ali Hunter extension from the Chrome Web Store, you’ll notice on any AliExpress product page, there’s an attention-grabbing “Today’s trending products” bar at the top of your AliExpress screen, suggested by AliHunter.

This bar serves as your gateway to discovering today’s trending products as well as those trending over the week.

Ali Hunter’s today trending products tab

But Ali Hunter is more than just that. When you click on a specific product, this powerful tool offers several informative features:

#1. Analytics

Directly beneath the product’s main details, you’ll find analytics, which include sales statistics and price history:

Ali Hunter shows you the trend of the product’s sales and pricing changes

#2. Insights

This function offers a glimpse of essential information about AliExpress dropshipping products, such as the product price, number of reviews, shipping locations, shipping methods, estimated time of delivery, and shipping cost.

Plus, it also reports the amount of latest orders for the product and a trend chart (including order statistics and price history) for you to determine how profitable the product is for your business.

Once you’ve decided to sell the product, you can click on “Import to Shopify“, and the product will be automatically imported to your Shopify store. Remember to save the product’s images by clicking on “Download media”.

#3. Supplier

If you’re seeking the perfect supplier for your AliExpress dropshipping products but are unsure where to start, look no further than Ali Hunter’s Supplier Analytics.

This valuable feature offers the necessary supplier information and evaluation based on AliHunter’s calculation to make an informed decision and select the ideal partner.

Moreover, you can compare multiple suppliers selling the same or similar products using a data table that standardizes parameters like price, orders, and shipping cost.

⭐ Automate your Shopify dropshipping store with Zopi – Automated Dropshipping Solution (formerly Ali Orders)!

After you have found your winning AliExpress dropshipping products, don’t forget to install Zopi (formerly Ali Orders) to bulk import thousands of AliExpress products into your Shopify store.

This app ensures that your product stock and prices are always up-to-date with the latest information from AliExpress pages. Plus, Zopi automatically takes care of the handling and fulfillment whenever an order is placed, taking the burden of fulfilling orders off your plate.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What products can you dropship from AliExpress?

You can sell a variety of AliExpress dropshipping products through dropshipping, such as electronics, fashion items, home decor, beauty products, toys, and more. The platform offers a broad selection of products suitable for different niches.

2. How to find dropship products on AliExpress?

To find AliExpress dropshipping products, visit the website, explore product categories, and look for items with high order numbers, positive ratings, and ePacket shipping options. Research your niche, analyze trends, and choose products that align with your target market.

3. Is it ok to dropship from AliExpress?

Yes, it is generally okay to dropship from AliExpress. Many e-commerce entrepreneurs use AliExpress as a source for their dropshipping business thanks to the marketplace’s product diversity, affordability, and flexible shipping options.

4. Does Amazon allow dropshipping from AliExpress?

Amazon has specific rules and restrictions regarding dropshipping from AliExpress. While it’s not prohibited, Amazon requires sellers to meet certain criteria, including providing valid tracking information and ensuring timely delivery.

Plus, there are tons of associated costs when listing your products on the Amazon platform. This makes Shopify a much more favored choice among dropshippers.

Final Thoughts

All in all, with over one hundred million product listings from suppliers across the globe, AliExpress has been the go-to choice for dropshippers over the last few years.

And we hope after reading this article, you can know how to find AliExpress dropshipping products properly as your products can be a deal maker or a deal breaker for the success of your business.

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