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AliExpress API Key: Great Alternative Access to The Database

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AliExpress API

If you’re wondering how to show Aliexpress products, reviews, or advertisements on your website, working with the AliExpress API is a fantastic solution. 

Throughout this blog, you will gain an understanding of the definition of the AliExpress API, learn how to obtain an API key, learn about the different forms of AliExpress API, and see various integration examples.

Let’s get into it!

What is AliExpress API?

AliExpress API is a programming interface. There are several eCommerce operations that can be automated by using this, including the receipt of product information directly from the AliExpress platform, publication of such information on a website, and the administration of order placements on that website.

How can I get an AliExpress API?

AliExpress provides formal access to its data through a Web API to facilitate the operation of its shop owners on the platform. In order to obtain an API key from the Aliexpress website, you must first submit an application detailing your business requirements as well as your intended API integration goals.

Step 1: Create your seller’s account

Navigate to the AliExpress Seller Center and create a new account for your online store there. Select your country from a drop-down menu and then click on the Continue button. Remember that there are only 6 countries available: China, Russia, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and France (with China being the most popular).

If you already have one, you can skip to Step 2 right away.

Choose your country here (only 6 options available)

Then fill out the e-form, making sure to read the AliExpress Membership Agreement and check the box to confirm your agreement.

An email with a verification code will be sent to the address you provided. Fill out the form in the following popup. If you have not received a code after one minute, click the resend box.

Remember to tick the Agree box and Click the resend box if you don’t get any code

Step 2: Create a developer account

Navigate to the AliExpress Developers Portal and log into the Developers Console to get started. Log in using the Seller’s account credentials that you created in step one of this process.

Choose “Console” and then log in to your AliExpress seller’s account

Once you’ve logged into your developer account, you’ll need to read and agree to the Open Platform Agreement before you can proceed. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Agree.

You will need to read and sign the Open Platform Agreement

Step 3: Submit the application

Fill up the following form with the information about your developer.

Choose your country phone code from the drop-down option, enter the 10-digit phone number without spaces, and then click Get Check Code to receive your Verification Code via email. After that, complete the form by entering the remaining information and clicking “Submit.”

Note to choose the right country phone code and 10-digit phone number to get the verification code

Step 4: Apply for an application

Listed below is the information that you must fill in:

A table summary of noted types of information you may feel confused

This indicates that your application has been received by the Aliexpress team, who will process it within 1-2 business days of receipt. The decision will be delivered to the e-mail address that you gave during the process of creating your developer account on the website.

If you received a denial mail, you will be informed of the reason for your denial in an email message. Apply again after making any necessary changes to the goal and implementation of your integration following the Aliexpress message. If you do not receive the email, please contact customer service for support.

How to take advantage of the AliExpress API key

As soon as your application for the API is granted, you will be able to obtain critical information for your apps, such as App Key, the secretKey, and the upper limit of the flow rate (up to 5000). 

Each authorized application will only be able to obtain information about the user’s membership. If you want extra information, you can submit an application directly to the AliExpress platform.

After you have done developing your application, it will need to be reviewed and approved by the AliExpress Open Platform service specialists before it can be utilized on the platform. If this version of your app fails the audit, you can update it and resubmit it until it passes the test.

Some examples of AliExpress API

1. Aliexpress API for Affiliate

When it comes to data output and short URL services, the AliExpress Affiliates Program offers a diverse range of options to its partners. 

Partner developers can have immediate access to AliExpress’ extensive and detailed promotional data through the use of platform APIs, which allows them to maximize their company’s advertising success. 

For more details, please refer to the AliExpress Portals.

2. AliExpress API for Dropshipping

Aliexpress API tools include a dropshipping API, which is a subset of those tools. You can use it to obtain product information by product ID and then provide it for dropshipping purposes.

3. AliExpress API for Price

Feed API or Batch product updates can be used to manage the information about your products, including their prices, and to make changes to them as needed. Both tools are a part of the Aliexpress API, which is a standard set of functions.

3 particular examples for using the API key

The integration of API

Content from the platform can be integrated into any content management system or website builder. 

There are various alternatives for accomplishing this, including using the API key for your own app development or utilizing pre-made third-party solutions.

1. Third-party solution

Third-party plugins, which are extremely customizable, provide the quickest and most straightforward method of integrating your Aliexpress account data seamlessly and reliably. 

These provide you with the ability to display your reviews and ratings in a single unit, and you can even include a button to encourage people to write about their experiences if you so choose.

2. App development

The platform must first accept your use of the API key before you can proceed. Only after that will you be granted access to the developer console, where you will be able to view your unique API key. 

As soon as you have obtained the key, you may begin working on and testing your application.

API documentation

Once you’ve registered as a developer with AliExpress, you can access the API documentation through the Aliexpress developers portal. In the Documentation section, you will find development documentation, an API changelog, affiliate development practices, and information on how to get in touch with the company.

In short

AliExpress API is a concept that may be unfamiliar to you. However, when you are dropshipping on AliExpress, it is a useful feature that you can incorporate into your website in order to streamline your workflows and increase efficiency.

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