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5 Best Email Marketing Apps for Shopify (Free and Paid)

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If you’re looking for an ideal email marketing app to boost sales for your Shopify store, then you’re probably aware of how valuable email marketing is. In fact, 81% of SMBs use email marketing as their main customer acquisition channel, and 80% use it for retention.

As one of the millions of businesses that use Shopify, you’ll be glad to know there are tons of email marketing apps you can choose from to boost your marketing efforts.

But which ones are the best?

Let’s look at five email marketing apps for Shopify that can help you grow your revenue.

1. Sender — Best Affordable Email Automation App for Shopify

Sender is an affordable and powerful eCommerce-focused email marketing tool ideal for Shopify stores.

The platform helps you design email and SMS sequences from a single dashboard and build high-converting email campaigns to boost your sales and revenue.

You can easily build and implement any email workflow — be it sending welcome emails to new subscribers or transactional emails to existing customers. 

Sender also lets you use the one-click product import feature to quickly craft sales emails for your Shopify store.

On top of that, Sender has an intuitive drag-and-drop email builder with an extensive library of pre-built email templates. That way, you can quickly create stunning emails to engage customers and boost your conversion rates.

Sender Key Features

Here are some of the key features that Sender offers:

Sender Pricing

2. ActiveCampaign — Best for Marketers Looking for a Smart Email Automation Tool

ActiveCampaign is a powerful email automation tool whose integration with Shopify makes it simple to sync customer data between ActiveCampaign and Shopify accounts.

ActiveCampaign’s deep data integration gives you the kind of view you see in purpose-built CRMs. For example, if a user abandons a cart or makes a purchase, they’ll automatically be added to your contact list in ActiveCampaign. As a result, you can view your customers’ buying patterns and behavior and use that data to segment your list and craft personalized emails.

ActiveCampaign also provides more digital marketing activities for Shopify store owners, such as smart paid advertising and SMS.

ActiveCampaign Key Features

Here are some of the key features that ActiveCampaign offers:

ActiveCampaign Pricing

3. Constant Contact — Best for Shopify Owners That Want More Email Marketing Capabilities

Constant Contact is another email marketing tool that directly integrates with Shopify. It also offers unique features such as social campaigns and surveys.

The platform lets you sync your Constant Contact account with your Shopify store’s data to create automated segments. That way, you’ll be able to send targeted emails and engage your customers.

You can also send automated emails based on where subscribers click and automatically resend emails to users who didn’t open your email.

Constant Contact Key Features

Here are some of the key features that Constant Contact offers:

Constant Contact Pricing

4. Klaviyo — Best Shopify Email Automation App for Intermediate to Advanced Users

Klaviyo is an email marketing platform that allows Shopify store owners to create sign-up forms and seamlessly integrate them with their Shopify store accounts.

In addition, the platform has beautiful templates that function with dynamic blocks. As a result, you can customize the template to choose what recipients see based on their data. 

Klaviyo also helps you segment and analyze customer data to automate various messages, focus on personalization, and increase your ROI.

Klaviyo Key Features

Here are some of the key features that Klaviyo offers:

Klaviyo Pricing

5. GetResponse — Best for Shopify Stores That Want To Drive More Sales With Marketing Automation

GetResponse is a complete marketing automation platform that enables Shopify stores to grow and drive more sales.

When you integrate your Shopify store with GetResponse, you can use the data in your GetResponse account to create various segments and send highly-personalized and targeted email campaigns. 

The platform also offers stunning premade email templates and an easy-to-use email editor that helps you design your newsletters in minutes. 

GetResponse Features

Here are some of the key features that GetResponse offers:

GetResponse Pricing

Key Takeaways on the Best Email Marketing Apps for Shopify

There you have it. Five of the best email marketing automation apps for Shopify store owners.

That said, the tool you choose depends on what’s essential to your business.

If you want an affordable tool that’s easy to use, then an app like Sender can help you run a simple but effective email marketing campaign.

If you want to run complex automated email campaigns, your best bet will be a tool like Klaviyo or ActiveCampaign.

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